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My SEO strategy. What is your opinion?

Discussion in 'Keywords' started by ErgoPrime, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Please give me your feedback and correct me if my assumptions are wrong or you have an better idea.

    I have chosen around 100 keywords, most of them are long-tail. Of course some of them are harder
    to rank than other, a keyword like "gluten free vegan chocolate cake" is easier to rank
    than "chocolate cake".

    Lets further assume I make 10 articles with similar keywords, 1000+ words,
    some linking between the articles, great on-page-optimization and some medium good backlinks:

    gluten free vegan chocolate cake
    suger free vegan chocolate cake
    vegan german chocolate cake

    and so on... Every articles revolves around one of my hard keywords like "vegan chocolate cake".
    Then I make an an "Top 10 vegan chocolate cakes" article and link every one of my easy keywords revolving
    around "vegan chocolate cake" to my "top 10.." article.
    Is my assumtion right, that the "link power" of my easy keywords articles is going to boost my
    hard keyword article?

    Of course my hard keyword article is going to need some good backlinks and 1000+ words to rank,
    but is my basic understanding of internal linking right?

    And what if I want to rank for a short tail keyword like "chocolate cake"? Would I need 100 articles?
    What is your experience with similar keywords/internal linking strategies? I would appreciate an detailed answer.
    ErgoPrime, Nov 16, 2016 IP