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My paycheck has dropped by $445+ within one month...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by dscurlock, Jan 23, 2016.

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    You know when you have a steady job or paid salary, then your pay check is
    normally the same every two weeks, for the most part....
    Last payday, i noticed my paycheck was $150 less...
    This payday, i noticed my paycheck was down $295...

    Not sure about you guys, but this is a big dip in a paycheck,
    and I am on salary too., however, nothing I can do about it
    until Monday, then I have to run into payroll and find out
    why the hell my salary paycheck keeps shrinking.....

    anyone aware of any massive insurance hikes?
    I just cant think of any other reason for such a loss....
    dscurlock, Jan 23, 2016 IP
  2. wisdomtool

    wisdomtool Moderator Staff

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    Is there a variable component in your salary? Why such a huge fluctuations?
    wisdomtool, Jan 24, 2016 IP
  3. jrbiz

    jrbiz Acclaimed Member

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    Well, it could be a change in your tax situation or other deductions like health insurance. Most companies, however, would notify its employees of pending changes. The fact that it is occurring at the beginning of the year, makes me think that, in fact, something has changed in this regard. But it also could just be a clerical error.
    jrbiz, Jan 24, 2016 IP
  4. dscurlock

    dscurlock Prominent Member

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    Lord I hope it is human error...
    That is a big chunk of change....

    It certainly would be unbelievable if health benefits
    skyrocketed that high, if this is the case, then I
    would seriously have to think about not having insurance....

    well, if something has changed, and obviously
    something has, i never rec'd such notification....
    dscurlock, Jan 24, 2016 IP
  5. Spoiltdiva

    Spoiltdiva Illustrious Member

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    Some companies will round things up at the end of the year. They will wait until the beginning of January to do it. If you have a payroll deduction plan (savings bonds etc.) this would explain it. If you are broke just phone the bank and if you have a car payment or a mortgage then just wave a payment. Most banks will allow for two waivers a year. You will then only need to make the interest payment. This will leave you enough money to make up for the shortfall.
    Good luck to you with all.
    Spoiltdiva, Jan 24, 2016 IP