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My page is hacked via DDOS Attack

Discussion in 'Security' started by fgsg, Feb 24, 2013.

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    I notice my page is crazy slow last days and before was hacked via phpmyadmin now i update all make fresh install and now all work fine but look like ddos attack is continued i check my log file and see all ip which attack me is coming normall on page and use basic function of my page after attack one file on my page /ffmpeg_progress.php so my question is if is possible someone add some virus on my page which use my users for attack me ? and how i can determine and fix this ?

    Thanks guys.
    fgsg, Feb 24, 2013 IP
  2. healzer

    healzer Greenhorn

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    are you running a VPS/dedi server or are you using hosting?

    Contact your provider in this case (better call them asap) - make sure they enable firewall, change all passwords & update the phpmyadmin
    healzer, May 11, 2013 IP
  3. MonsteRNaruto

    MonsteRNaruto Member

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    Well DDoS/DoS isn't hacked, They are using one of the many methods to make your website unavailable to the outside would, Either flooding it with packets or requests witch is overloading your server that is making it impossible for legit visitors to view the website. Try making sure there is a firewall installed such as CSF or APF, I would also suggest you install iptraf on your server and look through what connections if any are coursing the slowness as it could be your website is to big, Or their is a high load on the server for some reason.
    MonsteRNaruto, Aug 15, 2013 IP