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My Online Movies Project

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by NightShad0w, May 18, 2018.

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    Hi. There is a online film project in my mind which is delayed for a long time. I have some questions that need your support also. I don't have any limited budget for this project but i don't want to spend my money for nothing, will only use it for mandatory requirements.

    First of all, I will use wordpress and a theme. Here is my steps:

    1) Theme choice: I'm stuck between Toroplay.com and Keremiya V5 theme..
    For the GTMetrix, Toroplay is good. But also Keremiya is simple and user friendly. Toroplay seems more modern and it's also simple.
    What do you think for those themes? What would you prefer If you were in my place? and WHY?
    2) Hosting Chooise: I'm thinking a hosting package that I could upgrade it for my needs in the future without losing any data and time. I haven't decided yet. I can take your suggestions.

    3) Uploading Issiue. This is the key point that i feel myself weak. A high speed VPS could work for rendering subtitles and uploading movies.
    - Where should I buy this VPS? Price/Performance
    - Where can I download latest movies? I have zamunda torrent account but It won't be enough I suppose. Can you suggest me any source for downloading?
    - Where should I upload my movies?(vk, ok.ru, netload etc.) What is the best strategy for uploading movies If possible someone can tell me step by step? Is it a good idea that uploading it to google account first and using the remote upload for the other sources?
    3.B) VIDEO PLAYER - I want to hide my sources to outside and protect my uploadings. It's very important. Do you think JWPlayer could work for this job?

    4) Server Optimization and On-site-SEO: I will get paid support from outside. Wordpress don't run without a good optimization.

    5) Film Descriptions. I will add 5 films per day and one of my friend who likes to watch movies would help me for the descriptions and I will add some when I have time.

    6) Backlinks. This is another paid support in my mind. After reaching 100 film, will do something about it.

    Waiting your kind replies.
    NightShad0w, May 18, 2018 IP
  2. jamesx007

    jamesx007 Peon

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    I wish you good Luck
    Do you want a VA ? Upload Content Daily...
    i have worked with a guy doing the same stuff.
    Contact me if you want
    jamesx007, Oct 19, 2018 IP