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My new project... need some advice please

Discussion in 'Programming' started by rbottner, Oct 2, 2005.

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    I am new to the forums and I am hoping that I can get some really good advice here - it certainly appears like the people here know their stuff!

    I am starting to develop a website now geared toward weight loss based on my experiences losing over 120 pounds.
    There are two sides to the website... one is the "free" side which anyone can access, and the other is the "premium" side which only people who sign up can access. Of course, there will be enticing reasons for people to sign up for the premium stuff - but thats another story.

    Every page on the "free" side will have the "user name / password" fields along with the "submit" and "register" buttons.

    Registered users would input their login info to be transferred into the premium stuff, and new users could register by clicking on the register button. Once the user logs in, I want them to also be automatically logged into the message board which will be a part of the premium section. (There login name would be their posting name and their profile on the message board would be built by information they entered during the registration process. I will probably be using VBulletin.) And, I want to be able to track where each user goes, and how much time they spend where they are going. Also, while premium content will be free for now, I want to be able to add a payment system down the road.

    Is this easier said than done?

    I have HTML and CSS background - but nothing on PHP. Am I in over my head?

    Thanks! :D
    rbottner, Oct 2, 2005 IP
  2. boccio

    boccio Peon

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    To cut a long story short, I'd go for free website until you manage to put together some nice user base. Only then you'll have solid grounds to offer some premium content and start selling memberships.

    Second, if you don't have money to spend on development, use some OS CMS system to fit your needs. Later on, you can do complete revamp and make fully custom site. Bottom line, start small, gain some users, then add content, features, and finally charge for membership...

    Hope this helped
    boccio, Oct 4, 2005 IP