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My long-term goal is to make $5479/day. Is it possible?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Chopster, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Shakas

    Shakas Well-Known Member

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    yep i understand what you´re saying.
    The more money the more people you can have working for you and making more money, thats true. But then you wouldent be having $5500/month after you pay people.

    Basically if you plan to ear $5500 month with people helping you, you would need to have from google lets say 7k-7.5k ?

    What i mean is, it´s always possible, but alone it´s very very very difficult, i imagine that for those values you spent about 8h in front of the pc and the rest searching/learing. If you plan to have employers it´s more easy but it´s always a lot to handle.

    Dont take me wrong, i´d love to be capable of having that amount of money from sites but if think alone will take your time, and with "employers" will take a decent amount of work to manage things (if i had emplyers i´d keep working in my job).

    But like i said, if you prove me i´m wrong i´d be glad :)

    Good luck with your project.
    Shakas, Aug 21, 2007 IP
  2. Chopster

    Chopster Peon

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    Exactly...or with affliates. Not just Google. So yes, in the end, $5479/day is my take home goal after accounting is complete.

    The great thing is that you can always hire managers to handle employees to free you up for figuring more ways of making money. Delegating is key.

    Others have proved it before, so I wouldn't wait on me. I have a lot of obstacles and fears of my own to overcome and a lot to learn before I am thinking on a level that brings in this kind of money. However, setting the goal is the first step toward getting there.

    Thanks Shakas. You also!
    Chopster, Aug 21, 2007 IP
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