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My Link Locking CPA Strategy

Discussion in 'General Business' started by edbri871, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Here are some great ideas on how you can join the content locking revolution. I have been using these methods for a few months now, and in the last 95 days have averaged about $92 a day. I use two approaches. I use a link locking script that I had custom made, as well as CPA leads to pull my CPA offers from. I also use the all in one approach of http://Bee4.biz which offers CPA ads built into a link locked shortened URL.

    Say you are very knowledgeable about boating, mobile app programming, or just about any other hobby that you could easily create a blog on. Now, draw out some thoughtful topics that provide valuable insight of the hobby. Populate those topics with some helpful tips, interesting trivia, and additional content other aficionados would find interesting.

    Once you have yourself a comprehensive document on this hobby, turn into a PDF and upload to any file sharing service that provides a download link to the file. Create a simple WordPress blog that gives a brief overview of the e-book; basically selling the valuable content the e-book provides. Place the link on a sub-page of the blog and provide an attractive call-to-action.

    On the sub-page of which the download link to your e-book is placed, this is where you will lock your content. To lock your content you have a few options. You can download a content locking scipt and then Place offers from a CPA network like cpa leads within the script, or you can go a mroe direct route such as using a link locking service such as Bee4.biz. . Before the user has access to the download link, the unlocker will prompt and require the completion of one out of several targeted offers. Once the user has completed this offer, they will have access to your valuable e-book and the advertiser will pay you for this lead. You will see cash , anywhere from $10 cents to $10 in your Bee4.biz or CPA Leads account.

    Old Documents

    Take some of those old documents from your university days and turn them into potential goldmines. Students are alway shunting for documents they can reference for their own essays, so why not provide them a valuable resource that you can monetize?

    For example, that stellar overview you wrote for your exam could serve as quite a benefit for students studying for their exam on the same topic. Convert that overview into a PDFfile, create a promotional blog, incorporate some effective SEO strategies, and rank for the relevant keywords.

    Following the same strategy as the e-book example, make sure you lock the sub-page of the blog containing your download link and clear call-to-action. Now those old documents clogging up your hard drive can generate passive income for you!

    Video Collections

    Let’s assume you and your friends are aspiring filmmakers and have a collection of short films featured on your own Youtube channel. Let’s also assume that you create one every three weeks and upload it to your channel as soon as it’s complete. Now you’re at the point where you have quite a number of fans and receive thousands of views for each video but generate little to no revenue as a result.

    Let’s create a blog that will act as your “showcase theatre”, where all the current and future fans of your films come to view your latest installment. Before the user is able to view the video (uploaded by a third-party video upload service that locks the video), they must complete one of three targeted offers provided on the content unlocker. In return, each view will result in dollars as the advertiser will pay out anywhere from $0.10-$10 for each offer completion.

    Not only have you monetized no-cost products, you have increased the potential for download numbers based on your attractive price tag (or lack thereof). Content locking is so easy, the sky's the limit. Go ahead, try these strategies and witness the awesome monetization potential that only content locking provides. As I mentioned before, there are all in one sites which will offer CPA ads and lock your content via a shortened link like Bee4.biz or you can take the longer, but perhaps more lucrative way of doing things by signing up to CPA Leads.com and then purchasing any number of Link locking scripts you can find on Google.


    Market these Free products on your Twitter stream, facebook pages, and other social media outlets. Market them on your own websites or even in forums and message boards related to the topics at hand.
    edbri871, Mar 30, 2012 IP
  2. sharebig

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    if that method can be work?
    sharebig, May 15, 2012 IP
  3. ~DarkBlood

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    i am affraid with this method can work
    or may be some one have another posibilities?
    ~DarkBlood, May 16, 2012 IP