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My Joke/Humor site and the SEO

Discussion in 'SEO' started by Peace_Hope, Jan 1, 2007.

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    I have been reading that if you want search engines to crawl your pages more often, you should have content updated daily on your webpages. My site is www.AFunnyParadise.com . Do you think that if I find some way to get new refreshing content on the homepage daily that it will help get more search engine bots crawling my site?
    If so what kind of new content should be changed / put on there daily that would not wreck the fluid way the site flows?

    Thanks everyone.
    Peace_Hope, Jan 1, 2007 IP
  2. Diddy1

    Diddy1 Peon

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    Instead of those boxes have them change into a "Joke of the day is...", "Movie of the day..." like that. Change those daily randomly between the content you already have and it should help. The more text related to your content you can get on there the better.

    Thank You
    Diddy1, Jan 1, 2007 IP
  3. Peace_Hope

    Peace_Hope Peon

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    I just received an infraction for this thread because it is supposedly in the wrong category, where else should it go?
    Peace_Hope, Jan 2, 2007 IP
  4. 100Forumsin100days

    100Forumsin100days Peon

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    Hum, not sure. Just hope this is funny enough I don't get an infraction for posting it.

    SEOer talks with God and other SEO jokes.

    "Dear Lord is it true that to you a thousand years is like a second to us?"
    Lord responds, "Yea".
    SEOer continues"Is it true that you control everything including Google, MSM, and Yahoo?"
    Lord laughs, "Yea, not sure why I let Microsoft happen. And why did I let something with the name Google take off?"
    SEOer having the Lord God Almighty laughing asks, "Can I have top SEO for all my websites?"
    Lord laughs again, "In a second"

    Did you hear about the SEOer who got drunk?
    Of course not SEO and blood alchol are inversly related.

    Did you hear about the SEOer who won the lotto?
    Poor guy spent so much time online he never collected.

    I'm more websurf then master so I can't contribut to much on the art of SEO; but, I can hopefully give you all a chuckel.

    Then it will be worth the infraction;) Perhpas you got it for putting in your URL?
    100Forumsin100days, Jan 12, 2007 IP