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Feedback My impressions after week spent here on DP.

Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by BusinessMaker, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Hello to all of you who are reading this. On the start I would like to wish you nice and productive day. Hope it will pass in good mood. I decide to wrote a thread where I will tell more about my first week here and how much I developed here with Digital Point.
    I saw many people complaining about new rules and how hard is to get 3 likes so I decide to do the opposite and write couple of words how nice is here.

    When I sign up,I read rules and start to post. On the start, I saw many people complaining about most of the rules and how this system sucks and that they are unable to post in B/S/T section. I'm here one week and I already have:
    -100+ posts
    -couple of nice threads
    -3 likes(but I'm not yet established member so there is no confusion)
    This is isn't the thread where I brag about my accomplishments,quite opposite this is the thread where I would like to say how easy is to become an active member of this forum and get 3 likes. If you write something interesting,useful,funny,friendly or just something that make sense people will like you. This is the system that have some point. That is to keep spammers out of B/S/T section.
    There are people who just want to go to B/S/T section and sell their products without contributing to other sections. That is for me okay. There are premium memberships that are available for all and everyone can buy it. There are people on this forum who thinks that they deserve the right to be established member just because they are here for couple of years but for those years they only post in B/S/T section. Well,for someone who thinks that this place sucks and can't adapt on something new,always have an option in the top right corner that says ''LOG OUT''. Don't go around saying that Digital Point owes you anything,it was here and first and have rights to do anything that want. So if you don't like it,you can accept it or leave it. No one will stop you and bag you to stay.

    That will be all from me.
    BusinessMaker, Mar 2, 2013 IP
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  2. inyourway

    inyourway Active Member

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    Nice post. I agree with everything.
    Those people who's complaining about the new rules and the "3 likes" system is certainly NOT trying their best to become established members. I don't have 3 likes yet but I'm not complaining.. I know that someone will be liking a couple of my posts and I will get those likes I need to start making threads in the BST Section, maybe not today or tomorrow, but if I still try to contribute to the forum by helping others out and share my knowledge with other members, I will certainly get those likes I need.
    There's no question about it.. It's not HOW we or anyone else get the likes, it's WHEN we get it. And the best part is.. It's up to ourselves to decide.

    I would also like to point something out for others. If you have a decent amount of likes, others will notice that.. right? Do you think that could have a major role when you make a thread in the BST section trying to sell something? .. Of course it has!

    I would most likely buy something from a seller who's got 50-100 posts and 10-20 likes instead of someone who's got 0 likes and 3 posts.. That's a fact.

    Best Regards,
    André Strand / inyourway
    inyourway, Mar 2, 2013 IP
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  3. Shelley_c

    Shelley_c Member

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    The 3 like system is a stroke of genius and it's something I'll be looking into myself. The bigger picture if people truly look into it, the positives outweigh the cons no matter what angle you approach it and try to find fault.

    Agree with the OP and good post. :thumbsup:
    Shelley_c, Mar 2, 2013 IP
  4. HonestSoul

    HonestSoul Member

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    I have seen few people complaining that old member should be given preference..My questions is if you are on old member and you really care about this forum,then how come you don't have at least 3 likes?I have seen many people here getting >3 likes within hours of registering themselves.
    It has been more than a month since I have joined this forum but didn't get any like..well this is my fault..I admit,due to personal commitments ,I was not able to spare time with this wonderful forum..anyway enough is enough..I am not going to stop till I get 3 likes...
    HonestSoul, Mar 2, 2013 IP