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My forum isnt being indexed... any ideas?

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by webstien, Oct 8, 2005.

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    Hey guys,

    I have a forum for one of my hobbies. www.airgunforum.ca
    about 170+ members 2669 articles

    Its a phpbb forum, mod_rewrite, bot manager mod (shows googlebot has visited my site 16 times but only 1 page has been indexed), sitemap that is auto updated.

    Also, is there any way i can make it go straight to the forum without having to redirect like im doing now?
    webstien, Oct 8, 2005 IP
  2. jojoyohan

    jojoyohan Peon

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    To get it indexed I would go to google.com/addurl/?continue=/addurl and submit the URL of the page.

    To do that you need to move all of your files from the /forum directory to the / directory (just one directory up). Then you need to go into config.php and edit it to have the current details.
    jojoyohan, Oct 9, 2005 IP
  3. durango

    durango Guest

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    Here is a nice sitemap generator I've used for phpBB:

    It points google to multiple sitemaps for each forum you have, allowing for a more structured sitemap, which I believe google likes better than one sitemap with everything inside it.

    As for the redirect on your main URL, do you have access to your Apache configuration files?

    If so, you can create a redirects there such as:
    RedirectMatch 301 ^/$ http://www.airgunforum.ca/forum/index.php
    RedirectMatch 301 ^/index.php$ http://www.airgunforum.ca/forum/index.php
    RedirectMatch 301 ^/index.html$ http://www.airgunforum.ca/forum/index.php
    durango, Oct 10, 2005 IP
  4. Gede

    Gede Peon

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    phpBB creates a lot of duplicate pages.

    Especially with your mod_rewrite, the same topics are listed under various "html" pages.

    So that's something to work on, I think.


    Some pages of your forum are indexed... on 4 oct, when you didn't have this mod rewrite installed yet....

    A bit of patience, and some more backlinks I guess...
    Gede, Oct 10, 2005 IP