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My elementals.js library is back!

Discussion in 'JavaScript' started by deathshadow, Mar 2, 2017.

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    After some two years of the project having been shelved, it's back and this time, I did it my way without getting talked into things that I HUFFING KNEW BETTER than to do!

    So please, have a look:

    Lemme know what you think. It's a lot simpler than most of the bloated "frameworks" out there but can do many things just as easily, particularly if you JUST LET CSS DO THE HEAVY LIFTING!

    That means that unlike a certain other framework, there is no pissing around with scripttardery just to "fadein", "fadeout", "slidein" or "slideout" ... that's not even JavaScripts freaking JOB!!! (and even when it was a decade ago, it was a shat sad thing to waste scripting on!)

    Even so, you can do animated effects with it -- you just do a class swap and again, CSS3 to the rescue. See the two subprojects/demo's for it:

    Page: http://www.elementalsjs.com/demos/eFlipper
    Live Demo: http://www.elementalsjs.com/liveDemos/eFlipperTest.html

    An easy to configure and use carousel script for images. *NOTE* it's currently just for images, but if you understand CSS it does actually target just the child level containers of the wrapping element, so you could just as easily configure it to work with any type of content such as a list or set of child DIV.

    Page: http://www.elementalsjs.com/demos/eProgress
    Live Demo: http://www.elementalsjs.com/liveDemos/eProgressTest.html

    A port of the nProgress library for jQuery to elementals.js. As if not more feature packed, but is a fraction the necessary code even keeping the library/frameworks they rely upon out of it!

    In development this sub-library will be a lightbox style implementation. When used on images it will include mouse wheel zoom, zoom control buttons, and click to drag panning. It will also have the option to load web contents in an iFrame/Object, or via AJAX into a div. No guarantee on when that will be ready as right now it's still in the planning stages, and I've got some bigger fish to fry elsewhere.

    elementals.js is currently in release candidate status meaning it is feature complete and debugged to the best of my abilities, and will remain so until it goes three weeks without a bugfix, putting the approval date for RC1 at this coming Saturday, 4 March 2017.

    If anyone cares to try and help out on the project, please let me know here or via the contact form on the site. I'm mostly looking for people to write demo's and tutorials showing how to use it.
    deathshadow, Mar 2, 2017 IP