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My Domain is not being recognized by website

Discussion in 'Domain Names' started by n70shan, May 4, 2020.

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    Hi there, i am new here. before writing my question, i want to mention is that i am not a tech guy i just manage my small retail business locally and just have passion for IT having no formal education for it and i try every new thing and have basic knowledge of Win OS and Android.

    Background of my Issue:
    The other day i was roaming on internet searching customer management solutions and then there is a website called zendesk.com. They provide CRM solutions and offer a 14 days free trial to business customers only i.e. having custom domain emails for example. xyz @ microsoft . com , or any other domain. and when you try to register with these custom domain then on page 3 of registration, the website will automatically picks website name and endorse it as company name. i also tried using a hypothetical digitalpoint.com email and the website Picks company name as DigitalPoint like displayed on our browser tab. so zendesk will offer free trail to those emails registered using custom domains only as i briefed you.

    Note: ( personal email services like gmail, hotmail , mail, Zohu mail , protonmail etc etc will not work) but every custom domain including space domain will work i tried harbour. space domain as well (its a university in europe) and domain name is picked.. Space domain works fine

    so here my curiosity aroused and then i purchased a (.Space) domain from host gator few days back (domain is shanhaider.space ) and then used award space webhosting service ( with SSL support ) and created a sample website using their built-in zacky website builder and everything works fine.. I then have also verified my domain at google search console and added my URL to indexing.. i did all this by searching on internet ! :D

    My Query / Issue:

    now 2 days has passed and my website and domain is working fine i tried to register on zendesk with my custom domain email i.e. helpdesk @ shanhaider.space but on registration page 3 it doesn't pick my website name which i set it as Shan's Space. Now i can proceed for registration manually but upon completing registration and logging in, It wouldn't allow me to use free trial as it knows that i am not a business entity because it hadn't picked my name while registering ..

    so my question is what would i do to make my domain identified by zendesk and consider it as business.. is there anything more to add in domain settings?

    Hope anyone bear this long reading and answers my question. Thank you in Advance,.
    n70shan, May 4, 2020 IP
  2. radiusdanu

    radiusdanu Notable Member

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    When register, use your email helpdesk @ shanhaider.space and enter your Company name Shan's Space
    Zendesk use their subdomain for customers. You should use shanhaider.zendesk.com not helpdesk @ shanhaider.space
    After registered your dashboard would be shanhaider.zendesk.com.
    radiusdanu, May 8, 2020 IP
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