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My Complain on Here Hotel

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Zirkon Kalti, Sep 5, 2019.

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    Here Hotel in Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, is a lousy hotel. Their manager is a crook who try to take advantage of the guests by providing back rooms that don't have enough air. When guests sleep in the rooms behind, they keep coughing. The manager is happy that their hotel rooms hurt the guest and they get the benefit of making money. If room not have enough air, the guest can get headache. And if rent one month and stay in the small room, guests can have health problem.

    The double bed in the dorm cause stomachaches and coughing problem when sleep in it. Lousy hotel, manager pay the staff from Bangladesh lots of money. I think he cooperate with them to hurt the guests - all these is because he wants to make dirty money. There is a staff called Malik who aims on me - I notice that he and the other Pakistani are doing some things. For example, recently, I bought a bed ironing board and then right after that, the boss change a new ironing board but he has someone adjusted it to the lowest level like the bed ironing board I buy.

    I saw the other Pakistani man tries to turn off the internet every now and then. While Malik is up there, he tries to come up and do something. I see it all. He pays all his staff - from Pakistan and Bangladesh a lot of money, then, he make back rooms with walls that seem to block people fortune. I hope he will get burned in hell for these crimes. I also noticed that he only change one shower faucet in the dormitory, the shower room which I used to bathe in, and he made the one to the right out of order. Stupid staff or stupid manager! Now I know why, because he pay these Pakistani, Bangladesh and Indonesian workers so much money, they now aim on me. Because they see that if they can aim on me, they can get the boss to pay them more money for the work.

    I saw that the boss keep sending crane to make changes to the shop name plate when I am staying here. Most of these shops are beauty saloon shops. That Indian receptionist told me not to eat on the bench outside the dormitory after my mother give me RM20 for birthday ang pow. I don't know, I used the money she give me to buy food, and then that Indian receptionist come to tell me cannot eat there.

    Then, everyday , I go to the toilet smell the smoking cigarette smell, brush teeth on sink filled with cigarette butts, and urine on floor with cigarette butts and ashes dump there can. Of course can! He want his guests to die. What he knows to do. starve the guests to death with small rooms that don't have air, cause cancer to guests by letting them expose to cigarettes when no smoking sign is put. I told them they are a liar, they sell no smoking room but everyday people go there to smoke.
    Another crime this hotel manager did is to sell double bed in dormitory - when people sleep in it can get stomachache which will lead to disease. There are lots of dusts in the bed, and people sleep in the double bed can get asthma. But when I eat, eating is for gaining strength, he said cannot. What a wicked man he is. Many times, I say there - pay one month and then forfeit the 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks. Ask them to refund. Say cannot. I hope he will get burned in hell for what he and the staff he hired is going. All liars get their parts in hell and he is a LIAR. I hope he will lose the money he steal from me.
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    Zirkon Kalti, Sep 5, 2019 IP
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    sarahk, Sep 5, 2019 IP