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My Click bank Journey, along with an eBook store

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by KaiPrincess, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    I had an Amazon store but they ended up banning it because of PLR products (only two PLR products out of 300 public domain) that I sold (bs, i know). I was making $100 a month and it was going up, know I'm stuck with nothing and no extra money to help me out. I'm a college student so every little bits help, but this also means that I can't spend a lot of money if I want to make money.

    I decided I wanted to start with click bank and also an ebook store. I feel like I want to post my progress as I make it to my goal of covering what I've lost from Amazon. This is what I plan to do....


    I know I need to pick a good product with high gravity and promote it with a website. I need a good (cheap) way to start a website, with hosting. I was guessing buying a domain name from blogger and it would be about $10 for the domain name and a year of their hosting. I guess I need to make a simple landing page where my visitors can read about the product, and click on my affiliate link.

    Post some articles around... I'm not sure where? Anyone got any ideas?

    My eBook Store

    I lost my 300 book ebook store at Amazon, and I'm very upset. I decided that I'm going to start from scratch but I need a good script that will send my .pdf files to the customers when they order through Paypal. I'm not sure where to begin....


    I have a website that I post articles to that I can try and make adsense on, yet it doesn't have a good ranking and no back links.

    I will post my ideas of how to making some money, and I get anywhere with this. If anyone has any suggestions or tips please let me know.

    Sharing with the forum is going to be great because I love helping anyone with good information.

    If anyone has any other ideas I could do on the side here are my traits....
    * I'm good with photoshop
    * I love writing (articles, maybe I can sell them)
    * I'm a girl, if that changes anything. I know some guys do the that whore method to get people to sign
    up to adult sites lol. I'm not sure I could do that.... but It has to give me some advantage somewhere.
    * Artist
    * I can do some designing

    Please let me know if you guys have any tips, but I'll be posting my progress in detail to help some new people too! :D
    KaiPrincess, Jan 29, 2012 IP
  2. eddiej333

    eddiej333 Greenhorn

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    The two places I know to post articles and links to your site are: www.streetarticles.com and www.ezinearticles.com both of them are good places to get visitors to your landing page. At street articles you can include links inside each article you publish, two links to your landing page if your article is up to 800 words long, then they allow you insert 3 links, and so on, at ezine articles you can insert links only at your author's signature, that is a little restrain, but eZine has more ranking than street articles and it has a bigger CTR (Click Through Range), that is to say, you get a little more visitors to your page, as I have seen by my own experience. The other side is that eZine articles is by far more exigent in article content, quality, redaction and spelling than Street Articles, at SA they like a more friendly and relaxed language (there quality depends on you, to get more visitors to your articles).
    eddiej333, Jan 29, 2012 IP
  3. gonzalod34

    gonzalod34 Peon

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    By reading whole of your ideas its clear that you love to promote info products, this could be affiliate or your own products. I'm also addicted to promote info products. Your ideas also much clear. First you need a money making site/blog then traffic. You can build an easy info products store by using wordpress with a cool domain name.

    To sell your own info products there is no need of own scripts. You can use payment processor like click2sell, e-junkie, rapbank or digiresults. If you still need any scripts can check Rapid Action Profits script.
    gonzalod34, Jan 29, 2012 IP