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My Blogspot blog has No Indexing on Bing/Yahoo, but good indexing on Google

Discussion in 'Bing' started by Pianopro1000, Oct 19, 2016.

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    I have had azpianonews.blogspot.com blog for many years and it is an active, up to date, and organic blog content blog. It has in the past prior to about 4 months ago been indexed and ranked high on both Bing & Yahoo for many years, but no longer showing under any search on Bing or Yahoo search engine. However searches for my blogspot on Google are indexed and rank high and have been for many years.

    In my Bing web tools I see that their are 301 redirects for my blog and all posts and also it (azpianonews.blogspot.com) does not seem to be found by Bing. This is confusing to me as otherwise it seems that my blog is running and setup normally according to blogspot blogger people. My goal is to see why Bing is not indexing my blog and what I can do about getting this fixed:). I would appreciate any good help you can provide. Thx!
    Pianopro1000, Oct 19, 2016 IP
  2. Pianopro1000

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    also, Bing Web tools show the following stats on my blog at azpianonews.blogspot.com and I don't understand them:
    I have a 301 code on the http version of my URL and a 200 code on the https version of my URL. Blogger is now automatically forwarding the HTTP to the HTTPS for extra security.

    Also, according to Bing Web Tools I have 278 crawl errors which is all my blog pages. Not understanding all this and its impact on my blog to be found in Bing & yahoo searches

    Pianopro1000, Oct 19, 2016 IP