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My agency client doesn't want to associate with any agency keywords!

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by seochappy, Sep 23, 2022.

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    I'd like to get your thoughts on this. I have a client that is an international marketing agency. They have offices in South Africa, Italy, Portugal to name a few. These localised pages rank for localised keywords such as "marketing agency Cape town" or "agenzia promozionale". They obviously have the best chance of ranking well for agency related keywords as that is what they are.


    As a company they want to eventually shift to being a martech solutions company or more saas based company. They want the website to reflect this change to a saas company and attract investors. So they want to remove most of the association with being an agency.

    In the future they see the marketing campaigns they currently create as an agency being one of their smaller services/products.

    I want to avoid them losing too much traffic in their transition to saas based (they aren't truly saas company yet)

    So my question is...

    Is there a way to kill two birds with one stone? Rank as an agency (especially with localised seo) yet present on the homepage as saas based company?

    The way I'm thinking this can work is by adding something like "experiential agency" along with their other services (which are consumer insights, customer acquisition etc) as a top level page in their main menu.
    That way the keyword 'agency' stays mostly off their homepage yet they still have a page that can be discovered in that way. I'd also adapt this keyword for each of their local markets.

    All their localised landing pages are as subfolders (not sub domains) essentially a little like language pages.

    Keen to hear your thoughts and anything I may not have though of

    seochappy, Sep 23, 2022 IP