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mp4 files wont play on iphones

Discussion in 'Apache' started by izlik, Oct 13, 2014.

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    I own a VPS server running CentOS with Cpanel WHM where no one can watch videos i post on any apple product.

    The file plays fine on iphones when watching it on that website. BUT if i download that mp4 file and upload it to my own server, anyone with any iphone cant watch that video on my own server. i do now modify the file in any way. It plays fine on a PC or android phone / table but not Ipad and iphone
    Here is an example of hosting the above file on my server and linking it extarnaly on my server.

    Do anyone know why this would happen?
    izlik, Oct 13, 2014 IP
  2. fare

    fare Active Member

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    I have tested in out on iPhone simulator (use for testing iPhone Web Apps) and it seems to work out fine. Both are .mp4 files that play on jwplayer, I don't see any reasons why one can be play on iPhone/iPad, while the other can't.
    fare, Oct 13, 2014 IP