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Monetizing 100k+ Uniques/Day Adult Site

Discussion in 'General Business' started by eli_s, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Hi All,
    I'm trying to monetize my site for the first time. It has adult oriented content and is getting 100k+ (up to 500k+) uniques/day.

    CPM seems the best way to do this. I'm not interested in the usual CPM bullshit like popups/unders layer ads etc. because I don't want to drive my visitors away.

    1. What is a reasonable CPM I can expect for 90%+ US traffic? I'm thinking up to 0.10c/1k - sound about right?

    2. Also I've heard that fill rates for many ad agencies is shit. Can this be ameliorated by signing up with a number (10+) agencies and rotating the ads?

    3. I'm thinking that with this kind of traffic I should be able to generate $50-$100/day. Is this reasonable or am I out of mind? :p
    4. Out of this 100k I obviously get return visitors on subsequent days. How long do ad cookies last for i.e. can I generate another 0.0001c per visitor on the next day?

    Thanks for your help :)
    eli_s, Mar 7, 2011 IP
  2. Clickme4Cash

    Clickme4Cash Greenhorn

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    hit me up i might be able to help you with exactly what you are looking for :)

    icq 223 634 722
    aim snypr187
    Clickme4Cash, Mar 7, 2011 IP
  3. GreatestSwordsman

    GreatestSwordsman Active Member

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    If it's an adult site, 0.10/1k cpm is impossible. If you can find that, let me know too >_>

    Usually CPC is the way to go, or sell your ad space directly. I find that is the best way.

    With that amount of trafic, comparing to the amount I make, you should get at least $200/day
    GreatestSwordsman, Mar 30, 2011 IP