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Modernizing my site

Discussion in 'Design' started by bluenomader, Apr 26, 2020.

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    I’m building my site eqtor.com. Can someone give me feedback or suggestions for what I can do to modernize the look. This is my second attempt but I think there is still something missing to get a modern look.
    bluenomader, Apr 26, 2020 IP
  2. seomanualsubmission

    seomanualsubmission Well-Known Member

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    First issue at my first look is ...... When i click on any buttons "Try for Free" or "Get Started" then its going to login/registration window but if without any activity if press back button of browser then both button at home page showing "Loding..." and processing continue (Not clickable).
    seomanualsubmission, Apr 26, 2020 IP
  3. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    First off your artsy logo is illegible -- if you're going to make a logo of the site name, it should at LEAST be able to be deciphered by normal people. The first reaction visitors to your page should have should NOT be "what the **** is that supposed to be?!?".

    Next the sign-in button is below accessibility norms on colour contrast, making it hard to even tell it is there. Everything up there also kind of looks "crammed in" so I'd add a wee bit of padding there. In fact across the whole page a lot of things are running too close to your borders making things harder to follow.

    The rest of the page could really use a splash of colour. I often say that art is not design unto itself, but the other half of that statement is that design is engineeering that INCORPORATES art. You kind of lack that here with the monochromatic majority of the design. That your little "flow pattern" diagram doesn't even fit a page at 1080p really means I'd not bother trying to make that a "thing" on the page in the first place,

    The broken footer padding doesn't help it look all that professional either... particularly when it's "copyright copyright" . The Symbol means the word, so use EITHER the symbol or the word, NOT BOTH!. (seriously one of the most basic copywriting (as in writing your page copy) mistakes out there!

    It was slow loading here, and the hangup seems to be the batshit oversized wreck of scripting in main.329bb409.chunk.js which seems to take five seconds to load, and another two seconds to actually execute... on a site that -- at least for the home page -- seems to have no reason to be using more than around 16k of scripting at BEST.

    From an accessibility standpoint, it's a wreck. Scripting off there is no website. You hit "back" there is no website. Endless pointless "JS for nothing" ruins the site making it useless to large swaths of users. Worse, the "generated" markup is riddled with static images in the markup, presentation in the markup, gibberish use of numbered headings, and a host of other "eye cans haz teh intarwebs" site development techniques.

    JS for nothing and your scripts for free. That ain't workin', that's NOT how you do it.

    Hence the ridiculous 4mb page size to deliver 8 line-art, one animation, and 2.1k of plaintext. Something that shouldn't even warrant 1/60th the bandwidth. No joke, it's 50 times the size a page like that should be.

    To be brutally frank, it reeks of being built by a JavaScript junkie who never learned to keep it in their pants, and has not one lick of business writing a single blasted line of HTML or CSS. Hence why it basically tells large swaths of potential users to go plow themselves.

    My advice? Throw it all away and start over... with ACTUAL semantic markup sent to the client AS markup, separation of presentation from content, and properly leveraging caching models.
    deathshadow, Apr 26, 2020 IP