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Moderator / Forum Support

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by Zero, May 30, 2008.

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    Are there people who are interested to be a MODERATOR (one section) or SUPER MODERATOR (whole forum) of my Webmaster Forum (signature) :)

    You will have special section who you are allowed to enter this and this and you can get the rank of a moderator (or other special ranks) ;)

    You only have to edit some posts, so that there is no adult content, and move threads to the right forum.

    That's it, therefore you are a moderator and have a lot of specials. Remember, everyone who signs up, is allowed to have signature links right away.

    Please reeed this and this

    Thanks for your support....

    Just tell me here if you are interested and if not, tell me why.

    We also have a support section, where you can tell me what you do or do not like and why. There is also

    a section, where you can get help. Thank you:

    Please register here, tell me here which name you took and which rank you want. If you want to be mod,

    tell me of which section, and you also should show me some work of you, so that i can see that you know a lot.

    Thanks! :D
    Zero, May 30, 2008 IP