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Mod_mono, help with deploying web api

Discussion in 'Apache' started by Vicodin, Nov 3, 2016.

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    I'm trying to use the resources I have available to me and get a rest api deployed between a mysql server and my android project. We have a basic LAMP server, and apache has mod_mono installed. The test.aspx works fine. The rest api works fine in localhost.

    The rest is being built as a web application in visual studio. The issue I'm having is with actual instructions as how to deploy the project on the server.

    Some of the instructions concerning mono is old and conflicting, others assume too much in-depth knowledge.

    So, basic steps if you could please.

    Do I have to publish the project or do I use unpublished sources?

    Do I have to build it using xsp or is this something different?

    Basically what do I copy and where, and how to run it?
    Vicodin, Nov 3, 2016 IP