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Mod Pagespeed Configuration

Discussion in 'Apache' started by TecBrat, Oct 22, 2013.

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    I asked this question on another site and it's not getting any attention, so I decided to try it here.

    Server: CentOS, Apache, WHM/Cpanel, Hostgator dedicated.
    I had mod_pagespeed installed and working. Someone at HG ran a script that killed mod-pagespeed and they had to re-install it.
    Now, it is installed. If I open our page in firefox I can check the headers and saw the pagespeed header. But, if I search the HTML Source, I have no mention of "pagespeed" anywhere. (I used to see all the image sources re-written to a pagespeed version.)
    HG says they don't support PageSpeed, so they're no more help at the moment.
    If I visit www.mysite.com/mod_pagespeed_message, I see several messages like:
    Initiating async fetch for
    Code (markup):
    Since I have several VHosts on this one server, that URL is not specific enough to find the image. I think that's ONE of my problems.
    I have root access to the server using PuTTY and know how to use pico/nano to edit a config file, so if your answers require that, I can follow along.
    Update: When I specifically added ModPagespeedEnableFilters rewrite_images to my configuration file, it did turn my favicon into a data: uri, but it seems like the other filters fail because it is trying to use the localhost IP instead of the domain name.
    TecBrat, Oct 22, 2013 IP
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    matrafox, Nov 14, 2013 IP