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Missing Check Charge?

Discussion in 'Payments' started by nevetS, May 27, 2005.

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    Like many of you, I ended up tossing the plain white envelope check that google sent.

    I arranged to have the payment re-sent.

    Now noticing the other thread - about "Payment In Progress" - I see that the amount they are sending me this month is:
    The Amount I made so far this month + The Amount of the check I threw away - $50

    Really? They're charging me $50? With all of the checks that got thrown away, they must be raking in millions!
    nevetS, May 27, 2005 IP
  2. Imran

    Imran Notable Member

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    Paypal charges only 15$ for cheque cancellation, I now learnt about google strange what they will do with 50$, when even paypal uses the same method of sending the money as google does/.
    Imran, May 27, 2005 IP