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Microsoft Shuts Down Book Search Program

Discussion in 'Bing' started by kattposh43, May 26, 2008.

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    Microsoft said Friday that it was ending a project to scan millions of books and scholarly articles and make them available on the Web, a sign that it is retrenching in some areas of Internet search in the face of competition from Google, the industry leader.

    The announcement, made on a company blog, comes two days after Microsoft said it would focus its Internet search efforts on certain areas where it sees an opportunity to compete against Google. On Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled a program offering rebates to users who buy items that they find using the company’s search engine.
    Some search experts said Microsoft’s decision to end its book-scanning effort suggested that the company, whose search engine has lagged far behind those of Google and Yahoo, was giving up on efforts to be comprehensive.

    kattposh43, May 26, 2008 IP
  2. newcity

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    wow now microsoft takes action ..to finally conquer google search :)

    but why do they need to shut down book search program? it was very useful for me and also lots of students! :(
    newcity, May 26, 2008 IP