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Microsoft Adcenter Focus Group / User Interview in August

Discussion in 'Bing Ads' started by krjewellers, Jul 25, 2006.

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    I just received a call from a research firm that is conducting a user interview session in my area (San Francisco) that is sponsored by Microsoft Adcenter in August. I have a few suggestions for Microsoft Adcenter. What suggestions/improvements would you like to see made to Adcenter?
    krjewellers, Jul 25, 2006 IP
  2. Art

    Art Peon

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    Oh man... where can I start?

    - Extremely detailed tracking (to the hour even!), graphs! lots of graphs and data
    - No more random errors
    - Multi browser compatability
    - Far larger keyword pasting limit (although you can circumvent this as it is)
    - Streamline the entire backend, it's horrendously slow and clunky at the moment
    - Allow us to copy and paste ad units between new Orders easily without using the Import/Export function
    - Better/faster tracking updates (if it's realtime now... it sure as hell doesn't seem to be)
    - Rip ALL the features from AdWords, but make them better

    ...and the biggest gripe? Approve campaigns faster! I can get AdWords/YSM going quickly, but MSN takes 5 days? Come on! They can do better than that.

    I'd really love for adCenter to overtake Google in terms of functionality, but setting up and transferring my AdWords campaigns so they run in parallel is a hair pulling experience (especially when dealing with massive keyword lists).

    Good luck! I hope you tell them how it is :)
    Art, Jul 25, 2006 IP