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METHOD - An easier way to create targeted and better CPA / PPV popups for your campaigns or website

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by MarkusJ_NZ, Jul 9, 2017.

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    Method: Better Clickbank popups

    There is a full PDF describing this method below available from here - otherwise continue reading :)

    Also, all instances of hxxp:// in the method below should be replaced with http://

    We all know that when trying to sell a product it’s good to engage the user and there are number of ways to do this:
    • Target the user by country
    • Add in a count down
    • Provide a clear “call to action” button

    Most people when selling a Clickbank product either just redirect the user to the sales page or show a screenshot of the main sales page.

    A much better version would be the following


    The above example targets the person’s country, has a countdown timer and a clear call to action which creates a sense of urgency in the buyer and makes the user feel targeted. These simple changes have sent sales skyrocketing.

    Best of all these popups are available for free 

    To get these popups follow these steps

    Step 1 go here and sign up


    Specifically you only need to fill out the email, password and clickbank username fields and can leave the rest blank

    Make sure that you use your clickbank username in the hoplink field e.g. if your clickbank username / hoplink is brownfreak then just enter brownfreak in the hoplink field circled in red above.

    Step 2 After registration login here


    After signing in you will see a unique id that is associated with your account


    Step 3 – Creating the url to display on your website

    Targeting specific Clickbank products

    There are three parts of the url that will need to be replaced in order to create your unique popup url that you can use in your website.

    hxxp://ppv.mehickal.com/default.aspx?dmn=www.3weekdiet.com&id=d6b05aeb-1ba9-458f-95ea-744524b9f26a&keyword=three week diet&geo=true
    Code (markup):
    The section id shown below should be replaced with the id that is associated with your account

    hxxp://ppv.mehickal.com/default.aspx?dmn=www.3weekdiet.com&id=d6b05aeb-1ba9-458f-95ea-744524b9f26a&keyword=three week diet&geo=true
    Code (markup):

    The section dmn should be replaced with the domain of the clickbank product that you wish to sell

    hxxp://ppv.mehickal.com/default.aspx?dmn=www.3weekdiet.com&id=d6b05aeb-1ba9-458f-95ea-744524b9f26a&keyword=three week diet&geo=true
    Code (markup):
    You must get the domain of the product that you want to promote from the website www.qlickbankmarketplace.com e.g in the example above I went to the www.qlickbankmarketplace.com site and copied the exact domain from the listing as shown below


    If the domain is incorrect then no image will be shown when you create your link!!
    Finally the section keyword should be replaced with the keyword that you want to appear in the page

    hxxp://ppv.mehickal.com/default.aspx?dmn=www.3weekdiet.com&id=d6b05aeb-1ba9-458f-95ea-744524b9f26a&keyword=three week diet&geo=true
    Code (markup):
    As an example if we wanted to target the clickbank product greyhoundbettingsystem.com, our registration id 12345-45321-12345 and we wanted the text “Greyhound system” to appear in the page then we would construct our url like this

    hxxp://ppv.mehickal.com/default.aspx?dmn=greyhoundbettingsystem.com&id=12345-45321-12345&keyword=Greyhound system&geo=true
    Code (markup):

    If you create the link and you see an amazon signup page or a page with no graphics then this means that the product that you are trying to promote does not exist in the website www.qlickbankmarketplace.com

    Method 2

    Targeting nonspecific Clickbank products

    What’s even cooler is that you do not need to specify a domain and can specify a keyword which will extract a random Clickbank product from the www.qlickbankmarketplace.com website.

    To create this type of url simply remove the dmn part from your url
    e.g. If I wanted to promote forex software then my url would look like this

    hxxp://ppv.mehickal.com/default.aspx?id=d6b05aeb-1ba9-458f-95ea-744524b9f26a&keyword=Forex Software&geo=true
    Code (markup):
    When I view the url above I get the following automatically generated popup

    Problems / Issues?

    If you use the domain method and you see a page with no image appear then you have entered an incorrect domain for the merchant – remember get the domain from the website www.qlickbankmarketplace.com

    If you click on a your new link and you see an Amazon signup page then you have not entered the correct ID from when you signed up
    MarkusJ_NZ, Jul 9, 2017 IP
  2. Alex Barothi

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    Very detailed information and very useful. Thanks :)
    Alex Barothi, Dec 21, 2018 IP