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Merge Pages problem :( please help!

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by vada50, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Hi Everyone

    I make the mistake and notice to late that I make my facebook page a place instead of a page :(
    So I decide to make another page and merge them (of course i knew I will lost all my photo likes and comments but I wanted to be a page) Story short I see myself in the search results: but my page appears as it have 0 likes :( when you enter you see the 600+ but is annoying to see in the search results as it doesnt have likes and is under a page that only have 31. Also that was the reason I wanted my page change, even though I have my 600+ likes the page with 31 was above me in search reasult and a page with my same name was above that one so I didnt get why the 31like page was above me in search results in the first place (this was before the page merge and after the merge is the same so I lost everything for nothing)
    Also I dont find my page in the search results in my phone which is the most annoying thing because now everyone looks for your page in the phone :(
    Please can someone help me, facebook help center is pure crap
    vada50, Dec 2, 2017 IP