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Merchant Provider

Discussion in 'Optigold ISP' started by mcolvin, Jan 16, 2007.

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    On the site for Optigold, you have a price comparison between several Merchant providers. The one I'm used to using is Verisign/Payflow Pro. I'm in need of establishing a new merchant account for a new business, and noticed below the pricing the "Green" price, which is in reference to "PayNet" and an arrangement you have with them

    My question is, is this arrangement still in place, and if so, do you have any contact information for them? I didn't see a link to a site, or anything, unless I'm blind, which, at my age, is getting more and more likely. :D

    If not, any suggestions? Or should I just go striaght to Verisign?

    mcolvin, Jan 16, 2007 IP
  2. digitalclub

    digitalclub Peon

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    I am also looking into comparison too. Verisign Payflow Pro is $17 a month and Authorize.Net gateway $8 a month at UnitedBankService.com. Authorize.Net seem to cost less. Any suggestions which gateway does better?
    digitalclub, Jan 24, 2007 IP