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Mem Reduct: Software to optimize your computer memory

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by Usefulthings, Aug 23, 2018.

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    Sometimes while working with computer we can notice that it stop working or get very slow. That may be resulted from decrease in the computer memory due to high consumption by some applications, programs, and processes. That get worse with older (or less effiecient) computers.

    Mem Reduct is a software that works to solve that problem. It cleans the memory and reduce its consumption by programs and processes, so the available memory increases and the computer works normally. I recommend to install Mem Reduct on computers especially older ones.

    The main window of Mem Reduct shows some values about computer memory.
    I recommend to adjust some settings of Mem Reduct after its installment to get all the advantages of it.
    Right click on Mem Reduct icon in tasks bar. Then click settings so you get this window:
    I recommend to check all options to insure that Mem Reduct works with the start of computer, and to get available updates.
    Then in the same window click (Memory cleaning) at left so you get this window:
    In this window set the memory percentage that you want Mem Reduct to start cleaning when the consumption exceeds it. (You can notice that I set it at 70%).

    Also, you can set the intervals of memory cleaning. (You can see that I set it at 30 minutes so Mem Reduct will automatically clean memory every 30 minutes).

    To download Mem Reduct click here:

    Best wishes…..
    Usefulthings, Aug 23, 2018 IP