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Mehmet Vs Paypal

Discussion in 'PayPal' started by jack_40k, Jan 2, 2008.

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    My name is B. David Mehmet and I'm the real damn deal and I don't allow anyone to take advantage of me and break the law in doing so. When Paypal violated me this week, I immediately went to the court house yesterday and filed a lawsuit against them for (1) Fraud, (2) Conversion and (3) Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. Paypal not only harmed me with my Paypal account; but the inability to forward the payments to the third-parties has caused me to lose two (2) contracts. One of the contracts is valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even after I supplied Paypal with the additional verification they requested, they still failed to release my funds. They then claimed that I owed them money from an old account in the amount of $695.00. Not only did they not send me proof of this debt or allow me to access the old account; but they are still holding $1,950.00 of my money, which is $1,255 above what they claim I owe them.

    I've established this TOPIC so everyone can see that suing Paypal is easy, and that this is the fastest way to resolve any dispute when it comes to Paypal. In addition, you could also win punitive damages against Paypal since this is habitual behavior with Paypal. Their behavior creates a pattern of behavior that can be used to prove tortious conduct against them.

    The following is my OPINION: Litigation process in New York

    1) Request that the offending party to remedy the situation
    2) File a Complaint with the court and purchase an Index#

    3) Have a process server serve Paypal with the complaint

    4) Paypal will have 20-30 Days to Answer the complaint

    5) File an RJI (Request for Judicial Intervention). The judge will be assigned.

    6) File a request for a PC (Preliminary Conference). The schedule for the litigation will
    be established and when the Notice of Trial is to be filed. This includes the completion of all
    discovery. You will have an opportunity to request Paypal to produce executives from their office to
    attend a deposition where you will be able to ask them any relevant questions. If they fail to answer
    any relevant questions, you can make a Motion to Compel their answer. The Judge will force them to

    7) This is a good time to make a summary motion. A motion that will end the case in your favor. It tells the court that there are no trialable issues of fact that would warrant a trial. Paypal would have to establish that there are issues of fact, which at times is not hard to do; but they must be of a material nature. Just because there are issues of fact doesn't mean it will win them a denial of the motion. For example, you could move against Paypal for LIABILITY. Your argument is that after you satisfied Paypal's request for additional verification, Paypal still refused to release your funds on the grounds that there was still a pending investigation (issue of fact). However, because you supplied them with the requested verification and the alleged debt to them for $695.00 does not justify them holding the balance of $1,255.00 of your money, the could rule that the issue of fact by Paypal is not of a material nature as to the $1,255.00 balance and the judge would grant the summary motion on liability against Paypal. The remaining issue at this time is DAMAGES. If paypal's wrongful conduct caused you to lose some type of benefit, Paypal could be liable to you for that lose. Thus, damages could be very high against paypal. This would be compensatory damages. Punitive damages is another story. Because it can be proven that Paypal's tortious conduct is of a habitual nature, they would be hit with huge punitive damages to punish them and deter them from engaging in this conduct again. Since Paypal has been doing this to thousands of members even after it settled a prior class action lawsuit, Paypal can really be hit hard with serious punitive damages.

    8) At the end, the trial occurs. If the case is not fully disposed of before this point.

    Keep following this TOPIC for continuous UPDATES on the lawsuit against Paypal in New York.



    Quote:HEARING: January 23, 2008

    This is just a reminder that the hearing in the lawsuit against Paypal in New York Supreme Court, County of New York is on January 23, 2008 at 2:15pm. Paypal has to file their reply by January 11, 2008. I will post a copy of their reply here as soon as I receive it.

    You know I just uncovered that I will be able to advertise this Paypal hearing in the Village Voice news paper in New York. So, I will be able to notify thousands of New York consumers of this Paypal hearing. Starting in January, I will be aggressively marketing this hearing every day to place New York consumers on notice of Paypal's wrongful conduct, which will include placing Ads in the Newspaper that will specifically mention Paypal's wrongful conduct. Any New Yorkers wanting to appear for the hearing will be able to do so.



    If I lived in New York I wouldn't miss this case for the world... I literally wish it was filmed.

    You can find the whole argument against Paypal here:

    I hope Paypal is sued for hundreds of thousands, fucking bastards...They cost Mehmet hundreds of thousands of dollars in present and future contracts.


    P.S. I'm not the one sueing paypal. The owner (I think?) of paypalsucks.com is.
    jack_40k, Jan 2, 2008 IP
  2. elflojo

    elflojo Peon

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    Good for you my friend, I Will watch he outcome of this, I'm planning of placing a lawsuit against paypal in the state of Florida in the next few days if they don't resolve my issue.
    elflojo, Jan 2, 2008 IP
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