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Maximize revenue on long YT videos?

Discussion in 'Placement / Reviews / Examples' started by alfadog, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Hi and thanks for the add to the forums!

    Please let me know if this is not the best forum for this post and I will move or remove it.

    I have had a monetized YT channel for a number of years but have not been actively updating it. It has a number of long videos that are of interest to a fairly large group of enthusiasts. These videos run 1 - 2 hours each. I have probably earned $1000 over the years and just got another payment from Google, which prompted my interest in getting involved again. My RPM is around $3.65.

    My question: should I break these videos up to increase overall revenue or is there something else that I can do to achieve that? People watch the entire video, I imagine, and I would not mind breaking them into maybe four pieces max if that will significantly increase my revenue if all four are watched over just watching the one long video.
    from Alfa Romeo plus dog, not from alpha dog ;-)
    alfadog, Sep 28, 2017 IP
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    I would post the full version but also make smaller videos of highlights titling them appropriately based on significant content.
    Blogmaster, Sep 28, 2017 IP