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Marketing Tips - Traffic Building

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by PhiladelphiaIM, Sep 6, 2013.

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    I was just browsing the forum and I stumbled upon a thread about building traffic and increasing marketing efficacy of a website. Unfortunately, the thread had a lot of outdated techniques and it inspired me to write up a mini-rant on the topic. Hopefully this information helps:

    The best way to drive organic traffic to your website is to do keyword research and locate a high quantity of long-tail keywords (with a sufficient search volume) and write high-quality content on each of them. Content really is king - it's critical for search engine optimization and it's even more critical for converting traffic into leads/sales/etc. You're welcome to rank as high as you'd like... but if someone comes to your page and you simply aren't offering them any quality content, they're gone.

    On this note, ensure that your site is properly designed and configured to collect e-mail addresses, lead information, or to result in a conversion of another kind depending on your business and desired outcome. People are always concern with marketing; with SEO; with traffic building and link development... but they never stop to address the quality of their site. I'm telling you: It's key.
    Blog commenting might be useful - in some case studies and experiments that I've done, there have been beneficial results. Nothing crazy, but beneficial nonetheless. The trick, however, is to NEVER EVER spam. Writing, "Great post!" and throwing in your link is very bad. Posting a legitimate comment, however, can work in your favor. But here's what's even better than blog commenting: guest posting. Reach out to blogs in your niche, submit a guest post, and watch the traffic come in.

    Forum posting is good... but it's better to be a legitimate member of the community and place a link in your signature instead of targeting a forum with the intent to advertise there. If you're in it for the wrong reasons, it will show. Social bookmarking and directory submission are two more 'traffic methods' that are dying or full of negative consequences. Let's face it: These two resources have become link-farms, bad neighborhoods, etc. They're havens for spam. Now for the catch: If you can find a /real/ social bookmarking site, or a legitimate, edited directory, there may be potential for backlinks or nominal traffic.

    My philosophy is that organic, search-engine derived traffic is the best traffic to invest in. Get your site put together well, produce quality content and provide a benefit to visitors, and the traffic will come. However, you shouldn't stop there. Exercise the ideas above, investigate options like video marketing, offline marketing, and other avenues in order to really capture your market.

    Good luck!
    PhiladelphiaIM, Sep 6, 2013 IP