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Marketing special promotion deals for web-based software (script)

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by boccio, Aug 7, 2006.

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    I'm looking for an efficient way to promote special deal for a software product of mine. I'd like to avoid standard promotion channels I use (PR releases, HotScripts-like directories, etc.), because I would like to leave them uncluttered with occasional promotion deals I have.

    What I was looking at is either an quality newsletter advertisement, or banner, maybe even a review on some software review website.

    I did my homework, but I can't seem to find satisfactory service among email marketing providers. I talked to couple of them - www.ientry.com among the others (perhaps the largest?), and personally I was under the impression that this is waste of time and money. I subscribed to their newsletter with two different email addresses, and in both case it went right into junk folder. Nevertheless, they charge four figures for targeted email campaign...

    On the other hand I can't seem to find a decent web script review site, something like http://codewalkers.com/reviews.php?c=5. The only problem is Codewalkers obviously didn't update this section since 20th century :rolleyes:

    Bottom line - I'm still searching for efficient way to promote special deals for my software product... Any advice will be highly appreciated.

    boccio, Aug 7, 2006 IP