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Marketing Made Easy - How I Make Thousands$$ Online

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by darthnathan, Feb 4, 2013.

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    I have been around on the Digital Point Forums for a while now and I thought I would give something back to the community.

    I have put this thread together to help newbies and anyone interested in making some money from marketing. You can make a huge income from marketing products on the internet, but it will take time to build up a flock of regular visitor's to your money websites.

    In this guide I will be walking you through how you can start an internet marketing campaign today and make your first sale this week!

    I know many people getting started don't want to put the effort in. Not just people getting started its also people who have been around the forums for a while. They have something inside their head that tells them they won't make any money, therefore they don't ever actually put any work in. They spend day after day reading through money making method after money making method but never actually take any action on what they find. If this is you then you NEED to start putting the effort in. Many of the so called internet marketing 'Guru's' were also stuck in this position before, until they released that actually taking ACTION leads to the money that everyone wants to earn!

    Pick a niche

    So to start with you need to decide what niche you are going to target. Niches are just a small segment of a bigger market in which you can make profit from. Many people start by targeting internet marketing itself, this is because here at DigitalPoint we are all interested in internet marketing and their are many potential customers. In this thread we will be using Internet Marketing as an example but you could target other niches such as health & fitness or dating. Just chose a niche that has many potential buyers and you have a good knowledge of.

    Chose your products to promote

    Once you have decided on a niche you need to find products that you can sell to your potential customers. If you head over to Clickbank and make a free affiliate account there are many products to chose from in hundreds of different niches. You can use Clickbank for free as an affiliate!
    Browse through the Clickbank products and chose 5 that you think you could sell. You want to make the most of all the Clickbank statistics on products such as Gravity and Avg $ per sale. When looking at gravity you should not chose a product that is sky high, these products are usually harder to sell because they are being promoted by hundreds of affiliates at once! Try and get a gravity number of between 50 - 120.

    Decide how you are going to sell

    Now you have chosen your 5 products to promote within your niche you need to decide how you are going to sell them. I am going to list 3 options below:

    Build a list - Building a list is a fantastic way to build yourself a long term income. All we aim to do here is build up a list of email addresses from people that are interested in your niche. Then you can email these people whenever you wish with the click of a button! We can do this by setting up a squeeze page and giving away a free product in exchange for their email address.

    Set up a blog/website - This is another clever way to sell your products. You set up a blog or website within your niche and post 2 - 3 informative posts on it every single week with an affiliate link attached to them. Setting up a blog is another more long term way to create yourself a residual income. A blog or website can also be used to build a list!

    Direct your visitor's straight to your affiliate link - This is for making quicker money online, however using a list or blog can prove to convert better. If you are more lazy and don't fancy setting up a squeeze page or website then this is for you. What we will be doing here is using the marketing methods below but instead of directing them to your own site you will send your visitors straight to your affiliate link.

    Out of these three options I have to say I prefer the idea of setting up a blog, and also linking it to an email list. This way you can build yourself a solid regular income over time. You can also still make your first sale THIS WEEK!

    If you are unsure of this method and want to try it out with less effort first, then you can chose the 3rd option and once I have proven to you that you can make money, you can chose a longer term option!

    Chose your marketing Strategy

    We have all the setting up and hard bits out the way, now here comes the fun part!
    We need to decide on which strategy we are going to use to market our products. Below I have given you SIX+ ways in which you can market your products:

    Forum Posting - No matter what niche you are in there will be several popular forums in your niche. You need to make the most of these forums and use it to promote your products. Check the forum rules and make sure you can put links in your signature, then all you need to do is put a link to your squeeze page/blog/product in their. Make sure your signature stands out. Become an active member of the forum and contribute by posting and starting threads. This way people will see your link and click on it!
    Forums posting is a great way to get started within internet marketing for free!

    Facebook/Twitter - The two biggest social media sites today are Facebook and Twitter. The power of these two websites is fantastic, you can gain many fans/followers in a matter of minutes if you market correctly. You want to be giving away interesting and informative information in your tweets/statuses. Have you ever seen those pictures that get 100,000 likes/retweets? You need to try and create viral content like this within your niche to gain thousands of followers or likes.

    YouTube - YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet today and we can make the most of this opportunity. Start up a YouTube channel and upload video's giving away a good amount of information to your viewers. Then every now and then upload a video review or a promotional video promoting a product you are selling. You need to try and get a good balance between your information and promotion video's. Use Fiverr to get some views/ratings/likes/comments on your video's when you first start out, this will help you become popular quicker!

    Solo ads and media buying - Solo ads and media buying is another common way to drive traffic to your website or offer. What we are doing here is paying for traffic to be sent to our destination. Solo ads can be brought for about $40 for 100 clicks it depends on the seller. The seller has a big email list and they send these highly targeted visitor's to your site. If you find the right solo ad providers you can make a lot of money from this. Go to SafeSwaps to find solo ad providers!

    Media buying is another great form of driving traffic to your website, although it will take more investment than solo ads. Basically what you will be doing here is going to small websites that have a high ranking in Google for a popular keyword in your niche. You then need to get in contact with them and see if you can place a banner on there website for a small fee. Negotiate with the website owner try to get the lowest price you can. Make sure you track each solo ad you put up and see which one provides you with the most traffic, this way in future you will make more profit margins than ever!

    Yahoo! Answers - A very simple but effective method which is similar to forum posting in a way. The only difference with Yahoo Answers is that the answers you provide can drive traffic for a long time thanks to Google and other search engines.
    Have you ever made a search on Google before and found that one of the top ranked pages was Yahoo Answers? This is an opportunity to jump on. You can make a Yahoo account and give answers to questions within your niche. Provide informative answers that will get chosen as the best answer and add your link in somewhere.
    Waste no time, make the most of Yahoo Answers and start answering questions today!

    SEO - Many of you will have heard the term 'SEO' before, it reminds me of long term hard work that can get sand boxed at any moment! If you do decide to set up your own website or blog then you should look for a way to feed your website with back links every single day, whether it be paying for a service or doing it yourself.
    If you set up a blog and want to get ranked just for one or two less competitive keywords you can simply use Fiverr to shoot 2 highly rated back link gigs at it to drive some traffic. You will notice that less competitive long tail keywords are much easier and cheaper to rank for!

    OK so above I have actually listed more than 6 ways you can drive traffic to your offers/blog/ or squeeze page. 3 or 4 of these methods you can actually do for free so they require no investment at all! What I suggest you do is pick 3 or 4 of these methods to work on several hours a day, every day for the next week and see what it does for you. There is no reason why you cant make 10 sales this week using these traffic methods. It just requires taking action. If I can give away this guide for free then I'm sure you can make the most this opportunity!

    I could write so much more about this whole method but I just wanted to give you enough information on each subject to get you started off. If you want any more information then use Google, it can be really helpful!
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2013
    darthnathan, Feb 4, 2013 IP
  2. VukasinI

    VukasinI Well-Known Member

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    You are great,and you really helping the people on Digital Point. You just gave a lot of free tips that everyone can use and make more money. :)
    VukasinI, Feb 4, 2013 IP
  3. leonid5000

    leonid5000 Active Member

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    if it was that easy no one would work. only %1 will make money like this. You need to tell them that you need to spend lots of $ to buy links and other expensive SEO methods to bring traffic so people can buy. No free launch here. Millions are trying to do this and only some smart people with money and knowledge will make some $. Many books exist like that and they are giving people false hopes. The people who write books about it make money on suckers who read them. Boys and girls under 20 year old believe that staff and buy books and search info online for easy money. Its a fake pyramid.
    leonid5000, Feb 11, 2013 IP
  4. Gianni Palazzo

    Gianni Palazzo Member

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    I am following your advice in your thread already.

    I hope I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks for the advice anyway.
    Gianni Palazzo, Feb 12, 2013 IP
  5. ebax911

    ebax911 Greenhorn

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    Great tutorial, especially for people who just starting like me. I was planning to write a short plan for my self to follow, but I will just use your post to make a personal plan.
    Big thanks !
    ebax911, Feb 12, 2013 IP
  6. isababy

    isababy Greenhorn

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    The question is how much exactly are you making? And how much effort should you put into it?
    isababy, Feb 12, 2013 IP
  7. heh

    heh Peon

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    Great post! Thank you.

    I have a few basic questions ;D


    1. Above are my Market Samurai rankings for two of my websites, both using the same key-word. With "A" I'm using a free shop service, Etsy, and with "B" I'm using BigCartel but it's on my own domain. (Etsy doesen't allow nameservers, Bigcartel does).

    I was wondering how important the "Index Count" and "BLD" are? As I would love to use my domain and BigCartel, but clearly my Etsy is a few steps ahead. (Page 6 on Google opposed to page 10)

    also, I don't know why it shows such low backlinks. Ahrefs says I have 181 for A, and 91 for B.

    2. I manually build all of my backlinks. At what volume does creating backlinks become suspicious? Is it considered a blackhat tactic if I'm making relevant replies to the blog I'm trying to create a link on?

    3. Is this how you make backlinks?

    Blog ~

    I make the name my exact keyword, url as my money site, and the comment relevant to the post without mention of my website or url. The "name" with my keyword becomes the backlink, is that correct? lol

    Articles ~

    Title - "Website Name - Keyword"
    "Article about the company"

    Even if you can answer 1, thank you! :D
    heh, Feb 12, 2013 IP
  8. Naroat

    Naroat Peon

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    Hello All.....
    Naroat, Feb 12, 2013 IP