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Making money on hosting services: what is that all about?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by lokielookies, Apr 16, 2020.

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    Making money on hosting services: what is that all about?

    Would you like to make some money, without having to work? Yeah, absolutely no work! Having many friends with strong requirements of good web hosting services makes our offer for you quite interesting!

    If you’re an owner of a web studio, then you might have many customers who need to order a web hosting of a fair price.

    If that’s all about you, we welcome you to read a little bit further, so that you can benefit from our great offer as soon as possible.

    Who we are
    We’re an ambitious web hosting company which is capable of offering any way of hosting a web site. No matter, whether you need a normal shared hosting, or a VPS, or even a dedicated server - we give all of our capacities towards your success.

    You’re welcome to register with us and make an order. What exactly you have to order depends on what you’re thinking of. Hosting a small website and maintain a large web portal is quite different. If you’ve got any questions, our kind and competent technical support staff helps you with any issue.

    Our unbeatable prices, great level of service, unbelievably competent technical support - that’s all about our company. However, it wouldn’t be so great if we wouldn’t have had one precious extra offer for you.

    Affiliate program
    Yeah! When one tries our super service and convinces itself that our prices are the lowest throughout the market, one might wants to recommend us one’s friends and colleagues.

    We have the right option for you not only to make this, but also earn a little bit of money by recommending us to other people. It is absolutely no matter for the future customer, which link to click in order to be transferred to our registration form - our normal link or this one, which was generated for you as our affiliate. When one clicks your special link and afterwards makes an offer, you’ll receive extra money from the sum being spent by the customer.

    Now try to imagine that you’ve got 10 customers. Yeah, there is absolutely no magic. You will get an extra bonus from all money being spent by all of your customers.

    Have we revealed to you the greatest thing? You can order a payment any time. No matter what amount of money have you earned with us - just 10 cents or 100 dollars - we’re ready to pay that out immediately upon your request.
    I’m willing to begin right now!
    Okay, we ask now for your attention. First of all you have to register with us as an affiliate. Please follow this link: https://alexhost.com/affiliates/. You’ll need to confirm your e-mail.It is quite necessary to supply us with a correct billing information - otherwise we wouldn’t be able to transfer your earned money to you.

    Upon registration a special link will be generated. If you want the customer to be yours, then he or she should use this generated link to get to our website and continue to order our services.

    How do I promote a link?
    No spam! This is the main thing, because spam is something, that all of you probably hate. You are welcome to promote your link by using any other allowed method - for example you could use it as a part of your signature for different forums or blogs. You are allowed to promote this link by including it in your messages, provided that this is allowed by the moderator.

    Advertising yourself by posting in social networks is another great idea, taking into account a great deal of its registered users. Please pay attention that you’ll receive 5% to 10% of an amount of money spent by your affiliate. Suppose your client has ordered services for 30 dollars. Your income would draw up of 1.5 to 3 dollars. That’s great, isn’t it?

    One moment...
    If you know any resource, whose owner is willing to promote your advertisement there, you can provide us with a link to such resource. If we make up our mind to buy this advertising place, all customers which have got to our site by means of clicking the link on this advertising place will be considered as your affiliates.

    What does it mean for you? Each additional way of advertising increases your income possibilities. You help us to grow as a company and at the same time you provide yourself with an additional passive income. Would you consider that a great possibility? If so, you’re welcome to register at https://alexhost.com/affiliates/ .

    Is it that easy?
    Don’t worry! That’s very easy. We do our best to keep unbeatable prices. The correlation between the amount of money spent on our services and its quality is very attractive! This is something, that all customers love. All you have to do is to clearly explain that to your future affiliates and our future customers. Trust us, they would love to benefit from this excellent offer.
    lokielookies, Apr 16, 2020 IP
  2. Terem123

    Terem123 Greenhorn

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    Your advices about getting traffic is cool but I prefer something much more stable entirely and clearly anyway for many reasons, cause all this can stop to work in any damn given moment out there totally and completely anyway. Thanks for that!
    Terem123, Apr 20, 2020 IP
  3. planck

    planck Active Member

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    Absolutely no work! Is that how Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffet got rich.
    Who has ever earned a cent without work, sweat and effort?
    Just one name, please.
    planck, Apr 21, 2020 IP