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Making Ads Match The Website

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by RPSPP, Mar 30, 2007.

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    I'm new to the adsense thing, so apologies in advance if these questions should be obvious.

    I have a wp blog on mydomain.com ..

    When i first set up mine, i had the standard template on, set up the categories, tagline and blog name etc .. and then put the adsense template on (before i wrote an entry) .. the ads were immediately targetted to the site (am assuming they went by the blog name, tag line and categories)

    My friend wanted to start one. I have set it up on mydomain.com/friend.

    As we are writing on the same subject, (based on the domain name) the categories are very similar, and the blog name and tag line are the same .. BUT this time I put the adsense template on BEFORE i set up the tag line, blog name and categories .. on hers, all the ads are targetted towards blogging .. which is not what we are writing about.

    apart from that, I cant think of anything i have done differently on hers .. does anyone have any ideas why that would happen ?

    I have read Nintendo's FAQ site for an answer, but the nearest i can find is :
    How do I use section targeting to emphasize or downplay when matching ads to my site's content?
    and to be honest, the answer is total gobbledegook to me lolol

    just underneath that is asks:
    Why don't I see any change in ads after using section targeting? and the answer is: It can take two weeks before the robots notice the change.

    Do you think its just because google picked up the blogging/wordpress theme before i added the proper details, and that the ads will alter in time ?

    Just as an after-thought, i just went in, changed her template to the classic and then changed back to ad one, but still the same .. i didnt think it would alter it, but was worth a try lolol

    Many Thanks for any help you can give
    Erica xx
    RPSPP, Mar 30, 2007 IP