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Making ad appear in every second post on IPB 3 Forums ?

Discussion in 'Forum Management' started by tecklord, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Hello all,

    I have been looking around for some time trying to figure out this. I used IPB 2x earlier and a Adsense Bot using Universal Mod Installer, but both of these do not seem to have any version for IPB 3 (?).

    So, as my topic says, I am simply wondering where/how I can add some code to make a certain post be added in every thread after the first post - such as a post containing an adsense ad or other ad.

    It does not necessarily need to be a post per se, but at least be displayed below the first post in between the next post, though I liked the old Adsense Bot that simply posted an ad automatically as the second post when a new thread was started.

    Probably the Adsense Bot and the Universal Mod Installer could be modified to be used for version 3 of IPB as well, but I do not really know where or how to do look to do that, and I have not as of yet found any such mod - if anyone do know of such a mod for v 3 that would be excellent, if not it would be great still if someone could explain me what codes to add and where to make the above mentioned function appear in my Forum.

    Thanks and greatly appreciated to anyone whom got some insights on this. I tried (Lion30) Advertisement in Post v1.3.2. but it does not show the ad as it is supposed to, only a blank space where the ad should be - perhaps someone know something about this as well? It is supposed to add a adsense or other ad of choice within the first post in any thread (or any other post one would like). Looks neat but unfortunately I could net get it working here.
    Cheers mates, you're the best!

    tecklord, Apr 4, 2010 IP