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Making a header for my website, advice needed please

Discussion in 'Graphics & Multimedia' started by bad_bob00, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Hi there,

    I'm about to create a new header for my website.
    The topic is earning money online, paid surveys, paid reviews, cashback websites, working from home, that sort of thing.
    At the moment the header is just an image with the sky as a background, and the words "Paid To Review" (the name of the website).

    Would I be write in thinking that if possible I should use actual text for the image, so that I can use a header tag or something (plus its a keyword for my site so this would be a bonus for search engines). At the moment the words "Paid To Review" are on the image itself, and so the search engines won't notice this.

    Anyone got any advice or ideas on a header design for my site? Would it be possible to create an image for the background and then put some text on top of this for SEO? This is my website...


    Thanks for any help.
    bad_bob00, Apr 25, 2007 IP
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  2. hans

    hans Well-Known Member

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    since your domain

    paid review uk

    and that of course should be the key topic
    hence the title also should contain in various modifications the very same words


    get paid to review
    review sites in UK
    review articles from UK get paid
    review sites at home
    get paid working at home - review products / sites

    the keywords from the domain should be part of the web site index page

    banner = YES
    but also H1 title
    and proper meta tags
    there is room for improvement in your meta tags
    title meta tag
    ... And More Ways Too

    these 4 words use up from the 65 or so characters you have for a G title
    but all a.m. 4 words are of ZERO serps value !!
    hans, Apr 25, 2007 IP
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  3. 8everything

    8everything Peon

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    I would use a gradient blue for the background of your header (try aqua on top gradient down the sky blue) For the text, a nice glossy web 2.0 design would work great :)
    8everything, Apr 25, 2007 IP
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  4. bad_bob00

    bad_bob00 Active Member

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    Thanks for the reply hans, rep has been given :)
    Also thanks 8everything.

    I have now changed the titles for my pages, I realised they were a little wasteful before.

    Thanks again.
    bad_bob00, Apr 25, 2007 IP