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Main top links not aligning

Discussion in 'CSS' started by drew68, Sep 2, 2014.

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    drew68, Sep 2, 2014 IP
  2. drew68

    drew68 Well-Known Member

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    drew68, Sep 3, 2014 IP
  3. COBOLdinosaur

    COBOLdinosaur Active Member

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    I have absolutely no idea whick links you are talking about; what you perceive as a problem; or what you are expecting as a solution.

    As the page does not validate and a number of the errors involve structural issues on a tags, I would suggest you strart by cleaning up the code.
    COBOLdinosaur, Sep 6, 2014 IP
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  4. deathshadow

    deathshadow Acclaimed Member

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    If you mean your main menu, you have a fixed width layout with an uneven number of child links, that you are FLOATING. Strip the floats for inline-block and set text-align on the parent if you want them centered. Increase their widths if you don't... BUT

    Crappy little stripe fixed width designs are a relic of bad design practices and have NO business on ANY modern website. Designs should be semi-fluid (expanding/contracting to fit with an upper limit so that long para's aren't hard to read), elastic (auto expanding/shrinking with the default browser or OS font size, which YES can be different and NO we're not talking zoom), and of course responsive. (auto-adjusting to width by doing things like adding or stripping off columns from the layout)

    What you have is an inaccessible outdated mess built on bad design practices, with elements (like the perfect width images) that aren't viable for web deployment in the first place. My advice would be to pitch that entire mess and start over from scratch.

    ESPECIALLY given the train wreck of DIV for nothing, classes and ID's for nothing, static style in the markup, endless pointless scripting for christmas only knows what. Laundry list of how not to build a website -- as evidenced by the 30k of markup to deliver 2k of plaintext, 3 images and 1 media object; easily three to four times as much code as should have been used.

    Though very much what I've come to expect when turdpress is mated to bootcrap; you might want to find a stick to scrape that off with.
    deathshadow, Sep 8, 2014 IP
  5. Adam_UK

    Adam_UK Member

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    Unfortunately you are using an Artisteer generated theme on a WordPress site. Hence the '
    Created by Artisteer v3.1.0.55575' comment in the style sheet.

    Artisteer is a Quasi-WYSIWYG WordPress Theme generator/editor. You would need to change the alignment within the saved file of that program and re-export. WYSIWYG web software is notorious for producing convoluted and bloated code.
    Adam_UK, Sep 11, 2014 IP