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Mailing list madness!

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Johnburk, Nov 5, 2005.

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    I looked at different sites (hotscritps.com etc) and the amout of mailing list scripts is huge. For the last 4 days I have downloaded and installed over 20 mailing list. Yet not of them seems to be what I am looking for. Its madness!

    What I am looking for is simple.

    Sending the newsletter in HTML and people don't have HTML support on their email, they get a link back to my site where the newsletter is stored on mysite in my own template. For exampel http://www.holidaycars.com/newsletter/affiliate/nl/nieuwsbrief_AUGUSTUS_2005.html

    The subscribe form should be just a form for email. Nothing more.
    Have you seen such a mailing list script?
    Johnburk, Nov 5, 2005 IP
  2. dave487

    dave487 Peon

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    I have had the same issues with both mailing list scripts and photo gallery scripts. There are so many and they all are not exactly what you need.

    In both cases I resorted to writing my own and the result was exactly what I needed in both cases.

    The only way to get what you need is to either get lucky and find the exact script you need or to make it yourself!
    dave487, Nov 7, 2005 IP
  3. webitalia2005

    webitalia2005 Peon

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    This is not exactly what you are asking but it comes close to it:

    Key Features
    • Run a simple-to-handle mailing list
    • Subscription with personalized details
    • Delivery schedule and bounce emails
    • Handle bulk numbers of subscribers
    • Non template-based, fit to your design
    • Streamlined, all-in-one admin area
    • Easy to setup, without programming

    More features

    Easy-to-integrate newsletter subscription form
    • Let subscribers enter their details for personalized newsletter
    • Choose to receive HTML or text-based newsletter
    • Able to subscribe to multiple newsletter groups
    Browse Past Archive
    • Able to browse past newsletters
    • Visitors can choose to view in HTMNL or text-based format

    HTML or Text-based Newsletter
    • Newsletter can be personalized with subscriber details
    • Sample of personalized newsletter is provided by installation default
    • Automatically contains unsubscribe link and option to change to HTML or text-based newsletter

    Administration Features

    Creating Newsletter
    • Create your personalized newsletter using HTML editor and text area
    • Choose newsletter group and enter additional details
    • Option to hide newsletter from showing in archive while you are creating the content
    • Using Test Newsletter for your own preview before send it to subscribers

    Manage Newsletter Group
    • Add, edit or delete newsletter group
    • Option to hide group for private access only

    Manage Subscribers
    • Add, edit or delete subscribers
    • List and search your newsletter subscribers by email address
    • Able to import existing subscribers database using CSV format file

    Newsletter Delivery Schedule
    • Choose which newsletter and subscriber group to add to delivery schedule
    • Define delivery date for future sending
    • Able to resume delivery for remaining subscribers
    • Check bounce email address by using POP connection
    • Support cron job to run the delivery process automatically

    Bulk Sending Algorithm
    • Processing large number of subscribers database may cause the server process to time out
    • Our Bulk Sending algorithm divides the total number of subscribers into smaller cycle such as 5, 10, 20, etc. each
    • Process window will automatically refresh itself upon each cycle until the entire process is completed
    • It displays the sending process and also generate final report

    Preference Settings
    • Set Newsletter display properties
    • Define test email address and sender POP settings
    • Define newsletter header, footer and subscription confirmation email

    sorry but i cant post links for now:

    You can find this script here:


    Personaly I think it good,and I have been using it for two month now...:cool:
    webitalia2005, Nov 10, 2005 IP