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Selling *Lots of RAM* - *Lots of CPU* - VPS Starting @ $10.95/mo - Free Setup - 99.9% Uptime

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by Servebydesignnet, Nov 3, 2009.


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    New Mission - New Services

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    Note: All orders must pass our fraud verification process before the server will be active.
    100MB Test File


    VPS Small Business
    2GHz Multi-CPU Opteron
    256MB RAM (512MB Burst)
    5GB Disk Space
    1 IP
    200GB/mo Bandwidth
    $10.95/mo - Free Setup! - Order Here

    VPS Enterprise Business
    2x 2GHz Multi-CPU Opteron
    512MB RAM (1GB Burst)
    10GB Disk Space
    1 IP
    500GB/mo Bandwidth
    $15.95/mo - Free Setup! - Order Here


    --Control Panel--
    Webmin - Free
    Direct Admin - $5/mo
    cPanel - $14/mo

    CentOS v5.x
    CentOS v5.x 64Bit
    CentOS v5 Host In A Box
    Debian v5
    Fedora v10
    Gentoo v2008
    Open Suse v10
    Ubuntu v8.04
    Ubuntu v9.04
    Ubuntu v9.04 64Bit
    *Other Versions Upon Request*

    Q: Do the VPS servers come with a control panel?
    A: Yes, we use a secure and up-to-date HyperVM.

    Q: What virtual container do you use?
    A: OpenVZ.

    Q: How long does it take for my server to get setup?
    A: Most times it is within hours.

    Q: Do you allow IRC?
    A: No.

    Q: Do you allow adult content?
    A: Yes, but it must be legal.

    Q: Where are you located?
    A: West Coast, USA.

    Why choose us?
    • 99.9% Uptime
    • All VPS nodes are on RAID systems
    • All VPS nodes are on 8 core systems
    • Premium bandwidth
    • Fast VPS setup
    • 24/7 Ticket based support
    • Servers are located in a secure, climate-controlled environment
    Servebydesignnet, Nov 3, 2009 IP
  2. TNTWebhosting

    TNTWebhosting Peon

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    Nice plans
    TNTWebhosting, Nov 3, 2009 IP
  3. g-Vector

    g-Vector Peon

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    I vaguely remembered your company name. It wasn't until I visited your website that the picture became clear again.
    It's time for you guys to expand your business to the East Coast.
    I asked about this some 2 years ago at your site, and 1 year ago at WHT, and you are still hiding out in that Road Runner bunker. :p
    FWIW : A still respectable 1.40MB/s from San Diego to Amsterdam over 18 hops with average 170ms latency.
    Imagine what that would be from somewhere in the middle, like on the East Coast (*cough*hint, hint).
    $25.95 for the VPS EB with 1GB + 5 IP's config is also sweet. If your near the Wild Wild West Coast that is.
    Say hello to Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. Heehah!

    I hope I do not get any infractions for this post.
    g-Vector, Nov 4, 2009 IP
  4. IndoNetwork

    IndoNetwork Peon

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    great vps plan
    IndoNetwork, Nov 4, 2009 IP