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Looking For Professional Amazon Store Builder...

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by dscurlock, Dec 19, 2015.

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    Last year I had 15+ amazon sites, and was making an avg $500/mo; however, approx 5-6
    months into operation, most of the stores crashed. At the time I was able to buy amazon
    sites from my source, and she did wonderful design; however, her flaw, and my downfall was due to zero content, even though some products ranged between 20k-50k. Of course, I was new at the time with amazon stores and was still getting my feet wet, but it is obvious why my sites all took a nose drive at once. Zero content, duplicate content, my sites never had a chance.

    I know you can make money with amazon. I was doing it for months, and still have
    decent domains that are fit for a store, and most being older then 10 years of age.

    Any ideas?

    I miss my small empire of sites
    making $$$ month after month....
    dscurlock, Dec 19, 2015 IP
  2. SEMWORLD2015

    SEMWORLD2015 Greenhorn

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    Guys, I also do it since 4 years but I didn't faced such situation. You can found such store builder in fiverr or upwork. If you post there any job opportunity then it would better for you because experienced persons are available there. Don't worry! it'll okay, only you have to spend few $.
    SEMWORLD2015, Dec 20, 2015 IP
  3. dscurlock

    dscurlock Prominent Member

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    I think you misunderstood...
    I imagine you can find decent services on fiverr...
    You are not going to find anyone that knows how
    to build professional looking amazon sites for $5
    if so, they would be all the same cheap looking designs...
    dscurlock, Dec 20, 2015 IP
  4. ZilaHost

    ZilaHost Active Member

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    We specialize in building beautiful and equally functional amazon associate sites that include a easy product import tool. Take a look at our website portfolio at http://DiamondCommerce.net and pm with your ideas. Our team can achieve any look and feel you want.
    ZilaHost, Jan 6, 2016 IP