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Buying Looking for Marketer for Design Work

Discussion in 'Services' started by untitledstudios, Aug 18, 2020.

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    I am looking for a marketing expert for design work. Specifically logo design. However, you must be willing to be paid for paying leads. Each paying client for design work will land you $150. The design package they purchase is $500. Essentially, you will get all the profit from the package until we build a customer base. 10 clients is $1500! You will get paid each time a client makes a payment.

    This is easier than typical marketing because we are not selling some kind of new/untested/weird product. It's a reputable company that will produce high quality results for a service people already understand.

    If you are interested, please PM with past work that you did. We can provide more details and you can provide your plan. This can turn out to be long-term work if you do well. We may offer a guaranteed salary later on.
    Here's why you may be interested in this:

    -If you trust your skills and you are tired of shitty pay and not getting paid proportionally for your work, this will change that. You will be getting paid directly based on the results of your work. If you bring in 25 new clients, that's $3750 in your pocket. 100% of our profits. We will gladly give up our profits for several months in order to generate a user base.
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    untitledstudios, Aug 18, 2020 IP
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