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Buying Looking for GOOD writers for long term work...

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by spycraft, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Hello all.

    I am a trustworthy person who ALWAYS pays on time. I am looking for a writer that can deliver 400-500 word 100% UNIQUE articles for $2.

    You don't have to be perfect, but you have to write in proper English. I am prepared to spend a few minutes editing your articles but I will not accept bad writing.

    Also, each of your articles must be different from the others. You will not use the same lines (rewritten or not) for more than 1 article.

    I expect all your articles to be delivered ON TIME! You have to be dependable or else this cooperation will not work.
    Here is how this will work:

    I will order 1 article to evaluate your writing skills. That article has to be indicative of the work that I will be receiving from you. If the rest of your articles are much worse - I will not make payment.

    After I receive your first article and if that first article is up to par, I will order 3 more. Then it's 5 more and my orders will be increasing exponentially.

    I will order articles based on keywords. You have to find a catchy title for your article that will include that EXACT keyword in it. For example, I might ask you to write 5 articles on "15 year mortgage". You have to find a title that includes that keyword as is, and use the keyword in your article a few times too. Keep in mind that "15 year mortgages" is not the same as "15 year mortgage". You are more than welcome to use such variations of the keyword in your articles but you have to use the EXACT keyword at least a few times in them.

    I need more than 50 articles per week, so I will most likely need more than 1 writer for this one.

    If you think you can handle this job, PM me or post a couple of lines here about yourself and your work. Needless to say, if those few lines are not in perfect English, you are immediately disqualified.

    No need to spend time looking for more customers. I am in constant need of articles and I am a dependable and trustworthy buyer. If you are good - you will have a good steady income from this job alone.

    Looking forward to a good long lasting business relationship.

    P.S. Priority will be given to native English writers.
    spycraft, Aug 28, 2009 IP
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  2. articleglitz

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    Though i m new to this forum but can provide you quality as well as quantity that too on time.

    I can provide you good quality article on a wide range of niche.
    consider me..!!

    articleglitz, Aug 28, 2009 IP