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Looking for exceptional programer for new biz

Discussion in 'Services' started by Tripp, Feb 16, 2005.

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    A memeber of this forum pointed me to this site when hearing about my needs.
    I'm looking for a (San Diego based only) programer with exceptional coding skills in at least PHP or Perl and Javascript. When I say exceptional, I'm talking about someone that can not only program just about anything, but also debug and launch it in record time. This person will be responsible for creating code, launching and maintaining everything.

    I am a business owner and require people I work with to be very professional, proficient and savy. My intention is to find someone who can help me take my business plan from concept to reality/launch in 2-3 months or less. I know that will create a lot of pressure, but I am confident the right person can make it happen.

    There is great potential for a very high profit from this venture. As such, I'm willing to create a partnership with the right person. I am very serious about creating the most professionaly designed site possible, so nothing less than the best in programing skills and business attitude will be considered. If you do not have extensive experience and proven background in programing full-blown Web sites that run many applications, I will not be interested.

    Here are the minimum requirements I'm seeking:

    - Must live in San Diego area and have own transportation
    - be exceptionally well-versed and fluid with skills in PHP or Perl, CGI, data bases, mail servers, security and Javascript
    - understand/can integrate (flawlessly) HTML and graphics (extensive graphic skills not necessary)
    - show at least 6 previous or working web sites you programed that are fully-functional and running on other business' web sites. (personal sites are not acceptable)
    - have at least 5 years professional programing experience working for someone else (either a business or working in a B2B capacity with your own services)
    - be willing to put in crazy hours to get this up and running in 2-3 months or less (no exceptions or excuses)
    - commited to excellence in customer experience and support
    - willing to sign business agreements to ensure all parties involved are protected in new business venture
    - have complete resume
    - never settle for less and have strong winning attitude
    - be very prompt/timely in communication
    - very, very detail oriented

    In short:

    I am truly seeking someone with incredible, but also proven skills in coding. Someone who can create anything that is seen on the Net these days and take my ideas and make them happen, also. I don't like "can't" or "won't". Get the picture? :)

    If by chance you have most of these skills but not all, yet you have a reliable friend who can balance out the rest, I'm open to working with two people. But each person must have the same level of skill, commitment and drive as the next.

    If you have been top of your game but never really got that break or opportunity to hit it big with your talents, this may be your chance to get what you deserve. I stress professionalism and a willingness to accept suggestions, critique and stick to a strategy at all times. I will not tolerate egos or poor attitudes. This is business and I take business very seriously.

    Thank you for your time.

    Mail resume as attachment to: trippiano@hotmail.com
    Tripp, Feb 16, 2005 IP
  2. SEbasic

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    Hi Tripp...

    Welcome to the forum ;)
    SEbasic, Feb 17, 2005 IP