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Looking for content

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by Paul Doherty, May 8, 2021.

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    Hi all been reading quite a few posts on here, let me start by introducing my site it is stance auto magazine, its a free Online car magazine I put together for the car Community I do all this myself anyway I want to find bloggers ect to guest post in which they can back link , no gambling or selling links, and only car related news,reviews ect how would I go about doing this , I've tried the email route but as you know most treat it as spam,I emailed one and they basically charge a fortune, I'm a free site for the many
    Paul Doherty, May 8, 2021 IP
  2. L.A. Randle

    L.A. Randle Peon

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    Sounds like a cool idea. The first thing I would like to ask is, What's in it for them? See you have to understand something, people don't do something for nothing. No matter how we would like that to be, it just isn't. In the digital world, bloggers and guest posters want to get something out of helping YOU build content on your site. So what do you have to offer them?

    Are they just going to add content for a backlink? And if so, fine. But do you have any traffic? The placement of that backlink has to generate some form of traffic for them.

    I'm assuming that this is a new project, correct?

    You will have to create a development plan that will incentivize your potential contributors. There are a million ways you can pull them in, and make them WANT to share their expertise with your new found project.
    L.A. Randle, May 12, 2021 IP