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Buying Looking for Content writing company which can handle Heavy writing projects

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by tarunshan, May 21, 2010.

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    Hello there

    Please don’t bother responding if you’re not a content writing company... We are looking forward to outsourcing heavy content writing work to only company and we are not planning to hire freelance writers... We are looking for someone who can handle heavy work load

    We are planning to launch around 300 websites and also we are planning on a heavy investment on web related work. We are recruiting and looking for web developers have a look at this thread: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=1810118

    We would require at least around 500 articles on a daily basis…

    That’s around 15,000 Articles, each around 400 words per month.

    We currently have around 500 chain of websites and we are planning to add around 300 websites every month. So the number of article will be 300 articles / day more for every month

    Second month we would need around - 24,000 articles Per Month
    Third month we would need around - 33,000 articles Per Month

    So now you do the math.

    We are looking for articles which has

    • SEO Optimized article
    • Very good language
    • No plagiarism
    • No spelling or grammatical error
    • The content should not be false.

    Give us the following details

    Company’s name –

    How many Writers do you have in your company –

    How many Part-time and How many full time –

    How many Editors and proof readers –

    How many articles will you be able to produce in a single day ( 24 Hrs) –

    Where are you based –

    How old is your company –

    Describe your working process of your company -

    Company’s website link –

    Contact person’s name -

    Email ID -

    Phone Number –

    Fax number –

    The topics will vary as we require lot of articles but they will mostly be general articles …

    We do not want any delays in the submission of the articles... If you don’t have the habit of sticking to the time limit don’t bother replying

    This is some serious business, if your not interested please don’t waste our time here.

    Give us your sample articles and other details required. Kindly Attach the sample articles along the mail and do not type them in the body and send them across. Just include the necessary details in the body and attach samples along the mail.

    Do not send me any PM to my DP inbox just email me.

    Please e-mail me with the above details and also all the details which you think would be necessary.

    Send your email to
    tarunshan, May 21, 2010 IP
  2. prashanth1

    prashanth1 Well-Known Member

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    You already had another thread? I replied and even mailed you? You never got back to me? Kindly do clarify about it. Please do get back to me soon. We can handle this work for you.

    prashanth1, May 21, 2010 IP
  3. xInd

    xInd Notable Member

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    Do you have a company name or website, or other details? Would like to look into this further as I'm in the process of expanding my development firm to include an entire division of writers, I've been published before myself and run & worked for many content service businesses including managing and editing teams of writers. Currently my development staff which is perfectly capable of handling the needs outlined in your other thread, are also able to write and help with editing and organizing workers, I also have a partner in the UK whom I've worked with for many years, running his content service business still.
    xInd, May 22, 2010 IP