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looking for assistance with bing ads account setup

Discussion in 'Bing' started by jameskon, Sep 3, 2023.

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    I am looking for experts who can help me setup bing ad accounts, as when i do setup those, they get instantly suspended.
    any suggestions on how to get those setup without trouble?
    jameskon, Sep 3, 2023 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    Do they give a reason for the suspension?
    And are you wanting to display ads on your site, or pay them to advertise your site?
    sarahk, Sep 3, 2023 IP
  3. GreenHost.Cloud

    GreenHost.Cloud Member

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    1. Get in touch with the Bing Ads support team to understand why your account is being suspended and get guidance on how to resolve the issue during the setup process.
    2. Ensure that you adhere to Bing Ads' policies and guidelines regarding ad content, landing pages, and account setup to avoid any potential violations.
    3. Consider seeking assistance from experienced digital marketing professionals who are well-versed in Bing Ads setup to ensure a smooth and compliant account setup process.
    GreenHost.Cloud, Jan 7, 2024 IP
  4. phoenixtropicals

    phoenixtropicals AdsP2p.net Peer To Peer Web Advertising Premium Member

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    I found out a couple months ago that Bing and Duck Duck Go share the same ad network strangely enough.
    phoenixtropicals, Mar 17, 2024 IP