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Looking for alternative to adsense

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by JoZ3, Sep 8, 2020.

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    Hello, I have a forum in spanish about military themes around the world, but especially about America. Since 2012 I was using Google Adsense and for a year or more using auto ads, but in the last weeks of August they began to appear in areas that damaged the visual design of the site and covered 70% of the content on movile device, I made the claim and two days later Google decided to disable the ads for my website for the following reasons:
    • Include explicit, disgusting, or unpleasant descriptions or images.
    • Show violent acts.
    It was a big surprise that after 8 years they made that decision, fortunately my account was not suspended, only this website, I have adsense on two other sites working without problem.
    Honestly none of that exists on the site, as soon as a user uploads an image of that type or comments that incite violent acts the content is deleted and the user banned, we have a strong regulation to avoid this type of content.

    All that happened on August 25 and since then I have been looking for alternatives, I am going to describe my website, it is a forum on military themes, with PG-13 content, it is entirely in spanish language, it has monthly pageviews of 500k +, and 90% of the traffic comes from Latin America, this is an image from google analytics from the month of August:


    I currently have a few ads from amazon, but nothing special, since they disabled the adsense website I have been looking for alternatives, I am going to put a list of companies that I have contacted and my experience:

    Media.net: rejected because most of the traffic comes from Latin America.
    Mediavine: rejected because most of the traffic comes from Latin America.
    Adthrive: rejected because most of the traffic comes from Latin America.
    OptAd360: I was honest with them about my situation with google adsense, they found it suspicious and they rejected me.
    grumft.com:rejected by website content.

    In these companies I was approved:

    popmyads: I didn't like their ads, they seemed too invasive.
    Yllix: I found the ads to be of very low quality.
    PropellerAds: I didn't like the ads.

    I'm currently awaiting approval with AdNow but I doubt the quality of their ads a bit as well as some bad comments about them. And also Ezoic I'm waiting for the review of the website, they already at least approved the apply for Google's Ad Exchange

    I would like to find a company that offers a banner-based ad system, very similar to those offered by google adsense. I would greatly appreciate recommendations, I'm not looking to fill my pockets, I'm simply looking to monetize for the survival of the site and have some extra money.
    JoZ3, Sep 8, 2020 IP
  2. mrweb

    mrweb Well-Known Member

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    I use
    1. Adcash https://adcash.myadcash.com/register?prmid=JGQDYYTEZQ
    2. RevenuHits (https://www.revenuehits.com/lps/pubref/?ref=@RH@excblNinlRuyYotqn8LvPQ)
    They both give good rates.

    Use my referral links, please, if you are going to register with them :)
    mrweb, Oct 24, 2020 IP