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Looking for a PHP file hosting script like TinyUpload.com

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by gregdavidson, Sep 8, 2019.

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    I need an affordable PHP script that resembles TinyUpload.com. If you have any recommendations I would appreciate it. Thanks.
    gregdavidson, Sep 8, 2019 IP
  2. PowerChaos

    PowerChaos Active Member

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    maybe this is a bit late
    but i made my own script some time ago

    it is a simple file sharing script , based on ajax
    there is no upload limit ( it use ajax ... and it split files up to your max upload limit )
    in my case my php.ini got a post limit of 8 MB and upload limit of 2 MB and i easy upload a 10GB file to my site

    i can sell you this script if you like, feel free to test it on https://fileshare.site

    please note
    the current setup is a bit differend then your usual script setup
    in my case it exist out of 3 sites

    1 -> upload site and contains users/payments and all core stuff
    2-> link generating site , its the gateway betwean multiple servers and generate the preview ( like video ) and download links
    3-> The file server, this is where you store the files and where the files get downloaded from

    now lets explain the functions of the script

    • it uploads to multiple servers , on upload select it checks what server is avaible
    • it checks maximum space left on the server , so you do not overpopulate a server ( out of space )
    • it allow you to stream files on a secure way ( embed files with a embed code locked to your site )
    • it allows you to see content of a zip file ( we all want to know what is in that nasty zip )
    • it plays mp3 files
    • it plays video files ( html5 video )
    • fully build for html5
    • ajax upload to bypass php upload limits
    • timeout protection , so in case of a timeout it just resume where it left
    • Hashed filenames , no they are not executable and does not even contain a extention ... all for safety
    • Hotlink protection, you can not directly download them even when you have a direct link ( time based codes )
    • Based on litespeed, also works on apache ( with a small rewrite + apache module )
    • No usernames/password/registering ... its fully anonymouse
    • Lock option to protect your downloads for not wanted users ( pass code :D )
    • lock option for premium accounts
    • secure way for premium accounts
    • accounts get deleted if there premium time is over
    • premium files get converted to normal files after premium is over
    • premium can lock files , can embed files and can track downloads and even generate free premium based on downloads/vieuws
    • it auto delete files that contain a virus ( in case you use a virus scanner ) and shows the right page for it (removed because of virus page)
    • a secure admin arena to see all files and maintain everything
    • probaly a few more stuff i forgot
    also keep in mind , the script is still a work in progress , so it is not 100% complete yet ( but in case i sell it i make it complete to your request ^^ )
    but now you got a idea of what the scirpt can do for now :D

    Greets from PowerChaos
    PowerChaos, Mar 29, 2020 IP